What is Mind Clearing?

Clearing addresses the suffering that people experience due to mental, emotional, spiritual, and relationship distress. It is based on the observation that most inner conflicts and states of unhappiness come about as a result of unexpressed communications.

Clearing takes place in a one-to-one counseling-style setting, working in areas of the client’s interest. The Clearer guides the client in communication processes that clear current problems, develop communication ability, release the effects of trauma, and free inner tension. Clearing clients often report a sense of release and of coming home to who they really are. They report having better relationships and being more able to get on with their life projects.

The effectiveness of Clearing lies in the communication processes themselves. Through these processes, real understanding and release can be achieved on subjects in the client’s inner world that have been held in tension, confusion, and non-understanding.

Clearing was developed by an American named Charles Berner in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Sessions occur in the context of professional ethics that include confidentiality. A client normally can begin with an initial interview and then commits to three to five sessions to test the value of Clearing for him or her.


“After taking Clearing sessions I was able to resolve a very difficult relationship with my family that had gone on since my childhood. Now I experience understanding, respect, and love, both ways. I also found the courage and the enthusiasm to bring forward from within myself some difficult projects at my work. I feel that Clearing sessions brought me into my real life.”- E.G.

“From Clearing sessions I gained the ability to relate and communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues with clarity and ease. This alone has transformed my life.”-G.S.

“After a few Clearing sessions, problems that had plagued me for years simply vanished. Clearing really works because it goes to the truth of the problem. The Clearer and the client join forces and clear what isn’t real and what doesn’t work right out of the mind.”- V.M.

“Years ago, with great shame, I had to admit to myself that I sometimes struck my child in anger. I needed to do something to protect my child and I needed relief from my own guilt and agony over this. After a few Clearing sessions I was able to release this problem completely. I never hit my child after that. I got some part of my life and integrity back. And my child did not have to suffer this anymore. I am very, very grateful about this result.”-A.R.

“After many years of being a professional helper, I got some Clearing sessions and it was like entering a new universe. I experienced a new clarity of being worked with as an individual separate from the problem. I experienced a deeper kind of collaboration with the Clearer than I was used to. This was not only healing for me but has deepened how I work with others.”- R.W.