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Yoga Vacation in the South: I recently attended a retreat in Cuba with Meranda and friends.  This retreat was exactly what I needed and offered many beneficial practices that aided in my spiritual and personal growth. I can’t express the depth of the connection I felt to myself and others and the peace and joy I feel. Meranda facilitated with great care and divine connection. I highly recommend this amazing experience! S.S.

- Sherry

Money Mastery Course: “This program is an incredibly profound experience for those aiming to take control of their finances and work towards a more fulfilling life. Ever since beginning Meranda’s financial program, I have experienced so much personal growth in every area of my life. I now have the tools I need to manage my finances and feel financially abundant which is empowering. It has helped me make better choices in how I spend and save my money. I find myself taking control of my finances rather than having my financial burdens control me. I can’t recommend this program enough. It has been exactly what I needed to get myself back on track.”

- Rozalind MacPhail

Money Mastery Course: I became aware of my energy leaks concerning money and was able to recognize and release past patterning blocks. Before the end of the course my income increased and I was attracting income from unexpected sources and had begun to pay off old debt. I was able to recognize past programming and create new programming that directed the flow of my energy toward my purpose and I am now earning income doing what I love.

- Susan Goodman

I come in with a la de da attitude, not thinking much about what I want from the course and then by the time the course ends, it is ‘wam bing bang’! Something goes off! Her courses are real eye openers.

- Flo Whelan

For anyone ready for a change, Meranda is like having a truly rational, super experienced, and deeply effective divine instrument to help hold up a mirror of truth and walk you, step by step into it.

If you would like to discover what’s running you, book with Meranda. It doesn’t really matter where or when, but getting away from the everyday, really helped me get the perspective and distance from my usual habits.

- Dylan Cag

The Enlightenment Intensive is a science-based process of personal awakening into the ultimate nature of our own conscious awareness.


- James Stacey (retired physicist)

I, myself, am the queen of skeptics when it comes to this sort of thing, but I’m very glad to have done it, and would even consider doing it again.

For one thing, it’s always extremely useful to step out & disengage from one’s “busy life”, in order to gain some clarity, objectivity, and to generally refresh one’s outlook, perceptions & overall mind-set. The Enlightenment Intensive also gives rise to feelings of compassion, empathy, and love, all of which are always great to reawaken within all of us. The whole experience leaves one feeling uplifted, encouraged, and supported. Part of a larger whole than simply the mundane life we all plug away at. It is totally refreshing, and great.y enriching.

The fact that we follow a detox fasting kind of diet, and follow a rigid routine, and maintain silence (except for the dyading), is especially beneficial to anybody, no matter who/what.

- Maila

Dive deep into the heart of your true self!

I think the enlightenment retreat as coming home. Through all the noise, worry, heartbreak, struggle, and busyness of life it is a true journey back home to yourself. I will also say that I think it is an integral step in any healing process or anyone rebuilding their life. Knowing thy self is the beginning of wisdom.

- Kim French

Enlightenment Intensive is for people who are looking to connect with their true self on a deeper level, looking to disconnect from technology and busy life and spend time in a supportive environment or tune into nature.

- Jen Cake

I have found and still find over 1 year later, that what I got most was the ability to look someone in the eye and listen without interrupting them.

This is an amazing trait to have as a Yoga Teacher or any kind of mentor or friend. Prior to the retreat I had trouble maintaining eye contact and would jump into peoples sentences when they were speaking. It also helped me to listen without needing to relate it to myself 🙂

- Constance