It is time to grow your own Lotus Garden

Welcome to these deeper transformational programs as you train in becoming an instructor, teacher, facilitator, spiritual guide and become an overall master of your life. This level of development will give you specific tools and growing awareness to support and encourage others in their life journey.

As a leader in transformation for many years, I have a deeply rooted passion for helping individuals to either gain, or regain their power. To this end, I want to assist people with ‘Empowerment ‘.

→One’s empowerment is exemplified in one’s ability for being in control, being clear, decisive, confident, aware, strong, driven, passionate, full of life, and excitable.

→One’s disempowerment is typified by any or more of the following:  that  feeling of being lost, weak, confused, indecisive, uncertain, fearful, guilty, shameful, sad, sick, depressed.

So, I will help you get empowered by treating each problem as one ultimate problem,‘ The loss of Personal Power ‘.