It is time to grow your own Lotus Garden

Welcome to these deeper transformational programs as you train in becoming an instructor, teacher, facilitator, spiritual guide and become an overall master of your life. This level of development will give you specific tools and growing awareness to support and encourage others in their life journey.

As a leader in transformation for many years, I have a deeply rooted passion for helping individuals to either gain, or regain their power. To this end, I want to assist people with ‘Empowerment ‘.

One’s empowerment is exemplified in one’s ability for being in control, being clear, decisive, confident, aware, strong, driven, passionate, full of life, and excitable.

One’s disempowerment is typified by any or more of the following:  that  feeling of being lost, weak, confused, indecisive, uncertain, fearful, guilty, shameful, sad, sick, depressed.

So, I will help you get empowered by treating each problem as one ultimate problem,

‘ The loss of Personal Power ‘.

Beginners Meditation Course

This Beginners Meditation course gives the new meditator a good foundation to begin the practice of meditation. Each week we focus on one technique with two weeks to practice.

Week 1: Breath. Week 2: Mantra. Week 3: Vipassana. Week 4: Visualization.

The meditator will choose the technique that resonates best with them for their ongoing practice.

Online and in Person: $150 Purchase Beginners Meditation Course Now!

Meditation Teacher Training (Level 1)

This Universal Meditation training will equip you in becoming confident in guiding meditation in groups or in private sessions for personal or professional purposes.

This certification course will train you in:

Basics of Universal meditation teaching, 3 types of teachers, Difference between relaxation, visualization and meditation, Meditation Language styles, How to lead for difference audiences, Prayer and Meditation, How to handle challenges in the group setting, Introducing Philosophy, Philosophy of teaching, How to use the breath and voice, and more.

Student teachers must complete 8 practicum sessions teaching meditation to one or more persons for certification.
Students must complete the Lotus Beginners Meditation Course as a prerequisite for Meditation Teacher Training Level 1.

Five 3 hour sessions for certification. Once every three weeks at the Lotus Centre.

$350.00 Purchase your Meditation Teacher Training Now!

Meditation Teacher Training (Level 2)

Become an experienced meditation teacher.  Personalized 200 hour certification program over 1 or 2 years.  Start anytime. The Lotus Meditation Teacher Training  Level 1 is a pre-requisite to this training.

Participate in Meditation sessions

Guide meditations during Meditation sessions

Guide Half day meditation retreats

Guide Yoga meditation retreats

Complete one Vipassana retreat

Patanjali Science of Yoga scripture study

Teach Philosophy sessions

Practicums teaching own meditation and discussion groups

Teach in schools, institutions, organizations and other.

Write a paper on yoga philosophy, give a lecture on the overvIew of the Science of Yoga.


Empowerment Program

Level 1: Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey
Level 2: Master Yourself – Empower Others

This Empowerment Program Training is designed for truth seekers to become spiritual masters and group facilitators by further developing their intuitive and practical skills. Social workers, nurses, counsellors, teachers, guides, therapists, healers and anyone in the helping profession may benefit highly from this training.

Mind Clearing Training

Year 1 Basics of Clearing Certification Course

This Basics of Mind Clearing course prepares you to become a one on one Mind Clearer. The new therapist will be able to give basic mind clearing sessions.

Next Training: TBA ( If interested, please inquire)

Cost: $2500

Please explore  Empowerment Program Overview  before taking this Basics of Mind Clearing training with the Lotus Centre.  Pre-requisite: A Level 1 Empowerment Training Completion Certificate.

In this training, you will gain top tier education on interpersonal communication, the inner workings of the mind, and the nature of the true individual. You will learn proven methods under personal guidance as your experience and confidence grow.

This course gives you:

85 hours of class training, 5 privates with Meranda, 15 hours receiving sessions, 15 hours giving sessions.

Guided experience giving and receiving basic Clearing Sessions.

Training drills that increase your ability to work with people while staying in real communication.

To learn more about Mind Clearing training, click here.

200 hr Summer Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

(Next 200 hour training will be announced for the future.)

Experience a Yoga Retreat while training as a yoga teacher in nature!

Tree of Life Sustainability Project and Retreat Centre.

Train under an authentic yoga guru in an ashram environment in rural Newfoundland.   As one student says, “I thought I had to go to India, but India came to me!”

Spend four weeks connecting with your breath, your body, your mind, your soul and the earth. This is YOGA!

Raise your consciousness through yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra, and satsang, expertly led by an enlightened master.

Raise your vibration with karma yoga, community prepared organic vegetarian meals and clean air in a sustainable environment in rural Newfoundland. End every evening with devotional chanting.

Challenge yourself to take your Hatha practice to the next level.

Connect with your breath through pranayama and learn to move with your breath through somatics and Soma yoga.

Change your life as you live the gunas.

Come as a student, leave as a teacher.

Cleanse your spirit in the river of Life at the Tree of Life.

300 + Hours Lotus Laya Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training

300 + Hours Summer Lotus Laya Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training at Tree of Life 

Watch the Introduction Webinar

Schedule Your Laya Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Now!

This 300 hour (plus) Lotus Centre Laya Yoga and Meditation Teacher training is open to anyone interested in developing the deep practical and scientific approach to Yoga and Meditation. This training is most specifically for Meditation Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Meditation Practitioners, and Yoga students. You do not need a 200 hour certification to do this training. Any one can join this training for their personal transformation journey.

Go deeper with Laya yoga: asana breath warm ups, Hatha yoga postures, pranayama, chakra purification, Kriya techniques, Patanjali scripture, Kundalini Bhakti Meditation, mantra exploration, sound baths, enlightenment experiences, surrender meditation, somatic assist and release sessions and more!