The Lotus Community

Who will you meet at the Lotus Centre?

We are a community of Truth Seekers, Nature Lovers, Musicians, Healers, Artists, Spiritual teachers. We share a love of yoga and its philosophies through meditation, philosophical discussion, chanting and of course the asanas. Members of the Lotus Centre enthusiastically share their awakenings with each other. You will meet healers who while exploring new healing modalities, share their experience with each other. As we awaken to the holistic lifestyle, many of our members have explored ayurvedic, vegetarian and vegan diets. All willingly share their experiences and assist each other on this journey. We are more than a community, we are a family, a lotus garden. Our people also meet for summer retreats and activities in nature at the Tree of Life Sustainability Project.

The Lotus Centre operates in the heart of downtown St. John’s. The  space is shared with the Gerald Squires Art Gallery. One cannot help but be inspired by the beautiful art work of the late Gerald Squires and the other artists talents on display. The Lotus Yoga Teacher training is more than a training, it is an experience. One is introduced to the complete Holistic Yoga Lifestyle. Esther, Meranda’s sister, makes her own organic plant based Esskin natural skin care products in the downstairs kitchen.

Is the Lotus Centre for You?

Wherever you are on your enlightenment path, it is no accident that you find yourself at the Lotus Centre: whether you come here as a seeker, newly awakened, or you have been walking the path and are hungry for more, the Lotus Centre has something for you. A member of our community has called the Lotus Centre, “the full meal deal of Yoga”.

Whether you began with physical asanas or pranayama or meditation, you are no doubt experiencing yoga’s intrinsic value and power.