Raw Food Cleansing Yoga Retreat

Introduce Live Raw foods into your Diet & Explore yoga lifestyle practices to integrate and improve your yoga diet!

Learn how to purify the body through juice fasting, yoga diet, parasite cleansing, transitional dieting, food combining, sprouting, lifestyle food guidelines and preparing raw food using your raw food recipe booklet.

August 18-20, 2023

Tree of Life Retreat Centre. Salmonier Line. 

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  • Accommodations at The Tree of Life 
  • 2 daily Yoga sessions to open, relax and recharge your body.
  • Meditation to create space for insights.
  • Yoga Philosophy to receive knowledge in Yoga Diet.
  • Dyads to contemplate and communicate your Yoga Diet questions.
  • Karma Yoga to connect to the earth.
  • Nature walks to create space to feel life.
  • Writing to pull your thoughts together.
  • Vegetarian raw meals to lighten your body and mind. Prepared together onsite.
  • Group sharing to share and reflect on your yoga diet.



5pm: Yoga
6pm: Supper
7pm: Yoga Diet Workshop

→Saturday and Sunday

7-9am: Yoga and meditation
9-10am Breakfast: Raw food preparation
10-1pm: Yoga Diet workshop, writing, discussion, and nature walk
1-2pm Lunch: Raw food preparation
2-5pm: Karma yoga, meditation, write or nature walk, or waterfall
5-6pm: Yoga
6-7pm: Supper: Raw food preparation
7-10pm: Yoga philosophy, chant, meditation, dyads, sharing.