More for Yoga Teachers


I invite you to connect with me and share our visions and offerings in the name of Yoga.

I have been offering Yoga Teacher trainings since 2006 and now offer yoga alliance teacher trainings  in Newfoundland and I have the experience, not only in developing my own programs, but in guiding others to develop theirs. Over 100 students and counting have graduated from the Lotus Centre Yoga Teacher Training Program. At The Lotus Centre, I support and guide you step by step in your own practice, as well as in your awakening.

As a teacherI recognize that it is not only my job to teach but to inspire.

I have lived the yoga lifestyle since I was 18, I studied and lived in India for 17 years with an enlightened guru. It has been, and always will be, my life’s purpose to inspire Newfoundlanders who have chosen to raise their consciousness and the consciousness of others.
As the enlightened consciousness of Newfoundland has grown, I have been developing new trainings while continuing my own enlightenment journey with masters in India.

With respect and love, I invite you to respond to my call to meet and share. I would love to get to know you! And learn what you do and how you shine your light onto our fellow Newfoundland Yoginis!  Perhaps we can meet and inspire each other. 


Whether you are new on this journey of yoga, you’ve taken the steps to become a yoga teacher or you are already teaching and looking for more, the Lotus Centre has something for you. There is no doubt about the intrinsic value of the asana. At the Lotus Centre, we explore the full power and depth of the yoga experience.

The fact that you are here on this page as a yoga teacher, says that you already know that you are the creator of your life. Deep within the recesses of your soul, yoga is your calling to meet and unite at your highest frequency. Here at the Lotus Centre, we have the expertise to help you move through the layers of transformations that are awaiting your exploration toward a whole, complete, perfect, and fulfilled human being. Along with empowering your transformation, we teach you how to use it to spiritually guide and empower others.Once you know that your source is a unified field, you will see the formed world as a reflection of yourself, and therefore you cannot help but want to serve others in the name of Yoga.

The unique combination encompassing asanas, meditation, yoga philosophy, dyads, devotional chanting, enlightenment Intensives, mind-clearing, and transformational empowerment led by Meranda at the Lotus Centre, will give you the tools to guide the beginner to an empowered master.

→Beginners Meditation Course
Meditation Teacher Training (Level 1)
→Master Your Problems Workshop
→ Master Money and Your Life course
→ Somatic Assist And Release Workshop
→ Patanjali Yoga Sutras
→Build Healthy Boundaries Workshop
→ Laya Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training
Summer Intensive of 5 five day retreats
→ and much more. 

Since I have opened the doors of the Lotus Centre in 2001, my vision has grown. With each year, I acknowledge that I learn as much from my students as they do from me. I tailor the courses at the Lotus Centre to meet the various stages and needs of my students’ development.

There is no doubt about the intrinsic value of the asana. At the Lotus Centre we explore the full power and depth of the yoga experience.

Contact me at to conect or to be addded to my list serv to be kept up to date on trainings offered at The Lotus Centre.