Year 1 Basics of Clearing Certification Course

This Basics of Mind Clearing course prepares you to become a one on one Mind Clearer. The new therapist will be able to give basic mind clearing sessions.

Next Training: TBA (If interested, please inquire)

Cost: $2500

Please explore  Empowerment Program Overview  before taking this Basics of Mind Clearing training with the Lotus Centre.  Pre-requisite: A Level 1 Empowerment Training Completion Certificate.

In this training, you will gain top tier education on interpersonal communication, the inner workings of the mind, and the nature of the true individual. You will learn proven methods under personal guidance as your experience and confidence grow.

This course gives you:

85 hours of class training, 5 privates with Meranda, 15 hours receiving sessions, 15 hours giving sessions.

Guided experience giving and receiving basic Clearing Sessions.

Training drills that increase your ability to work with people while staying in real communication.

To learn more about Mind Clearing training, click here.