Meranda Squires

Meranda grew up in the Ferryland lighthouse on the East Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Growing up with her artistic parents and sister, surrounded by the vast earth, sky and water, she was naturally opened and inspired towards meditation, dance and creativity. Her parents gave her the freedom to pursue an authentic direction in life and this gave her full permission to explore her chosen path.

At twenty years of age, to pursue her growing interest in spirituality, she traveled to the Himalayas in India where she lived in the spiritual community of the International Meditation Institute, Kullu, HP India, for seventeen years.  There, under the guidance of an enlightened teacher, she had many transformational experiences in meditation, yoga and Vedant philosophy.


A 20 minute video compilation of Meranda Squires (Mridula) during her 17 year sojourn in India 1983-2000, ages 20-37 of speeches, dances, singing and family visits with her guru and community at the International Meditation Institute, Kullu, HP, India. Video compilation by Dominique Hurley.

Returning to Newfoundland in 2000, she established The Lotus Centre, in the Gerald Squires Fine Art Gallery, 52 Prescott Street, in downtown St. John’s.

Through Meranda’s travels she has earned many certifications that have helped her master her craft…

International Meditation Institute, Kullu, HP, India:
→ as a teacher in Advanced Studies in Yoga Science
→ as a teacher of Vedant Philosophy
→ as a teacher of the Theory and Practice of Meditation
→ as a teacher of Soma yoga

Lawrence Noyes Seminars, Florida, USA:
→  as an Enlightenment Master
→  a Mind Clearer
→ a Couples Mind Clearer
→  an Emotion Clearer

ITM, Chaing Mai, Thailand:
→ Thai-yoga Bodywork Practitioner.

→ 200 hour Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher
→ 300 hour certified Paramanand Yoga Teacher of Laya Yoga.

She feels her life purpose is to empower people to live in true freedom, and to raise awareness of the Truth of who we are; our interconnectedness with the whole. To this purpose, she is always a student, voraciously studying and travelling extensively to learn about other forms of yoga and spiritual development. She integrates her trainings and experiences within herself while passing it on to her students for their more comprehensive yoga experience within the Lotus Centre’s supportive community.

She offers various bartering and payment plans and keeps her fees as low as possible to assure no one is denied access to spiritual growth.