Laya Yoga and Meditation Summer Retreats

Open to anyone interested in developing the deep practical and scientific approach to Yoga and Meditation.

Any one can join these retreats for their personal transformation journey. New yogi’s, experienced yogi’s, yoga teachers, meditators, are all welcome to journey to new places with us!

Go deeper with Laya Yoga: Mudras, Pranayama, Chakras, Kriyas, Hatha yoga postures, Patanjali,  Kundalini Bhakti Yoga, Mantra, Sound Baths, Enlightenment Experiences, Surrender Meditation, Somatic Assist and Release. These retreats coincide with the Laya Yoga Teacher Training.


7-8:30am: Laya Yoga Class
8:30-9am: Breakfast|
9-10:15: Yoga Philosophy discussion
10:15-11am: Walking or Sitting Meditation
11-12: Somatic Assist and Release
12-2pm: Lunch, waterfalls and free time
2-3pm: Chakra study
3-3:30pm: Posture practice
3:30-4pm: Chakra practice
4-5pm: Mudras / Pranayama / Chant / Bhakti Meditation
5-7pm: Supper
7-9pm: Yoga Philosophy/ Dyads/ Chanting/ Sound Bath


Cost: $150 a day including accommodation and meals

Full cost for the 5 days: $600 Canadian or $450 US. Discount for NL locals for five days and nights with accommodation but with their contribution of 2 vegan, gluten free meals: $450 

(Suggested prepared meals:  prepared and frozen soup, salad ingredients or meal ingredients. Discuss this personally with Meranda.)


“I can’t thank Meranda enough for her beautifully curated yoga retreat. The natural and untouched beauty of the surroundings is the perfect complement to the inner work supported by the Laya yoga intensive focus. This retreat was just what I needed to reset my life. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you!”
~Aura, BEng, MA, MMus, August 2022
“My time at this retreat was full of learning, healing, and getting back to myself. Meranda has crafted the Laya retreat week masterfully to teach students breathing techniques, practice yoga, ponder life’s questions and much more. The location is beautiful. The accommodations could be surprising for those not used to living in a cabin in the woods for a week.”
~Shahrzad Simab, August 2022

“When practicing Laya through the Kriyas, mantras or mudras, one is able to reach higher and higher levels of awareness, followed by attaining positive energies and experiences not just in practice or meditation, but continuing on into everyday life.”                                ~Justine Finlay June 2022