Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

a unique and an utterly transformational retreat designed to take you on  a journey into a direct experience of the REAL YOU!

With persistent vigilance using the dyad technique, your partner gives you the instruction, “Tell me who you are”.  You will enter a space of deep inquiry. As you release all the false beliefs about who you are, the Real YOU shows up as Awareness gets sharper and you learn the territory of your path to Source. This inquiry has 4 steps. 1. Get a sense of Yourself. 2. Intend to directly experience the object of yourself. 3. Remain open to whatever arises as a result of your intention to directly experience the object of yourself. 4.  Communicate what arises as a result of your intention without deleting anything or adding anything.

You may enter into realms of insights, phenomena, deep emotional clearings, facing your fears, opening your heart and everything else that needs to be addressed while you intend for TRUTH. You may directly experience the Truth of yourself or you may clear a lot of  baggage or you may jump to another level of evolution. Either way, you will feel you have cleansed something important. Feeling closer to yourself and others is a sure benefit of this retreat.


In person retreats are set in nature at the Tree of Life Retreat Centre, Salmonier Line. The Tree of Life is a safe environment to minimize outside distractions to help you contemplate your Truth as you really are. The in person schedule includes: silent activities: walks, rest, yoga or exercise, lectures, vegetarian meals, dance, and meditation in addition to the intense 10-12 dyad practices daily. Accommodation included, contribution to vegetarian meals is appreciated.  You begin your Self discovery by contemplating the question, “Who Am I?” 

Date: October 12-16 2023 or December 14-18, 2023
Cost: $350 for in province participants & $500 for out of province
participants plus meal contribution
Where: Tree of Life Retreat Centre, Salmonier line, St. Mary’s Bay (1 hr from St. John’s)

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Online zoom retreats require you to find a retreat space without interruptions either at home or at the cabin in nature. The schedule for an online 3.5 day EI retreats are 7:30am-1pm and 4-9pm daily, with a three hour afternoon break, NL time zone. Online zoom Enlightenment Intensives will use the break out rooms for each pair of dyaders. You will be given a digital gong to keep track of the 40 minute time period with 5 minute changeovers.

Date: February 7-11, 2024 (3.5 days)
Cost: $200 

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