Empowerment Program


This Lotus Empowerment Certification Program is a training program designed for truth seekers to become spiritual masters and group facilitators by further developing their intuitive, practical and facilitation skills. The Empowerment skills and techniques learned throughout this program are paramount for navigating life in a meaningful and understandable manner.  It will prepare you to engage life in a confident, structured way that enables you to powerfully choose the life you want.  It helps you identify the skills and talents you have for making your life the best possible while also empowering you to help others live their best lives and highest truths.

Who would benefit from this training? Everyone from a personal empowerment point of view. From a professional standpoint, social workers, nurses, counsellors, teachers, guides, therapists, healers, teachers, artists, new entrepreneurs, and anyone in the helping professions, addiction centres, women’s centres, support groups, hospitals, may benefit highly from this training.

Delivery Options: Available formats include online Zoom and/or in person.

The Empowerment Program is a series of weekend and weekday courses and workshops conducted online or in person. Level 1  may be taken as a one off workshop or as part of an ongoing personal development journey. Each workshop/course can be a credit towards the Level 2 Master Yourself – Empower Others Facilitator Certification Training.



→Weekend Workshop Topics:

Cost: Three 3 hour Workshops for $175

1. Master Your Problems
2. Find your Life Purpose
3. Build Healthy Boundaries
4. Freedom From Anxiety
5. Removing Regret 
6. Dig the Root of Depression
7. Empower Your Confidence
8. Inspire Your Intuition
9. Family Gatherings
10. Healing the Heart
11. Develop Decisive Power
12. Relate to God
13. Release an Illness
14. Free Your Past Trauma
15. Past Life Clearing
16. Recovery From Addictions

→Weekday Course Topics:

Cost: $300 per course

1. Moving Through Grief
2. Master Money and Your Life
3. Time Management
4. Relationship Course
5. Removing False Core Beliefs
6. Clearing Business Issues



There are two paths of training within the Lotus Empowerment Program Certification:

1. Program Training: you can choose to train and be certified in a program level (1 or 2),

2. Category/ Subject Training: you can choose to train and be certified in one specific subject of the Lotus Empowerment program, ie. Time Management. This training may be taken as a single workshop and receive a Lotus Empowerment Niche certificate.

You may train in several niches as part of the ongoing Level 1 Program in your personal development journey. Each workshop/course is a credit towards attaining the full 20 workshop and 6 course program certification.

If you intend to become a Level 2 Lotus Empowerment Niche Facilitator, schedule a one on one session with Meranda.



→Personal Development

The program begins with Personal Development to empower yourself in your personal journey. It is a series of 20 weekend workshops and 6 weekday courses over a two year period.

In this Personal Development course, you will develop skills in interpersonal communication, an understanding of the inner workings of the mind, regain empowerment where it was once lost, become a master of your own life situations.

→You will receive:

  • 380 hours of workshop and course training
  • Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey Certificate of Completion.


  • 20 Weekend Workshops: $3500
  • plus six  6-session courses: $1800   

→Your investment for Level 1 is:

Total Value of $5300, Your Investment $5000

Cost: $175 per Three 3 hour workshop and $300 per 6-workshop Course
Option 1: Pay As You Go
Option 2: $500 a month for 10 months
Option 3: Upfront deposit and your proposed personalized payment plan



→Proffessional Development

Part 1:  Level 2  builds on the training learned in level 1 and includes guided facilitator training of 20 weekend workshops and 6 weekday courses over a two year period.

Part 2: The guided training will further prepare the facilitator to be supported as an independent practitioner. Meranda will provide continuing support as you develop your niche practice.

In this Professional Development course, you will deepen your understanding of each topic by reviewing it the second time, learn how to support clients in their difficulties, and through the facilitation training, you will develop an intuitive ability to guide, demonstrate and teach clients in specific niche areas of your choice.

You will be certified as an Empowerment Facilitator upon completion of practicum training in consultation with Meranda to support your business niche area.

Prerequisite: Level 1 completion certificate

→You will receive:

  • Meranda’s supervision and guidance in your facilitation of each workshop and course
  • Up to 30 half hour consultations with Meranda
  • Certification in Master Yourself – Empower Others.

→Your Investment for Level 2 is:

Time: Attend all Empowerment workshops and courses training as a facilitator with Meranda
Practicum training: Client consultation from Meranda in your niche area with reduced student fee.

Total Value is $12,100, Your Investment is $6500

Cost:$50 per half hour for up to 30 Consultations for an extra $1500 



Full certification in each level or in a specific niche area of choice:

Level 1: course completion in niche area/course offering,
Level 2: facilitator training in niche area


For those who have completed level 1, there is the option to continue training in The Basics of Mind Clearing training Year 1.

Mind clearing 1-3 year training empowers you to become a one on one Mind Clearer therapist. 

→Prerequisite: Level 1 completion certificate for Program Level 1: Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey. (Complete all 20 workshops and 6 courses.)

To learn more about Year 1, Basics of Mind Clearing, click here. 


“Participating in the Empowerment program has given me an awareness of not only who I really am, but also what my true life purpose is. My day- to-day outlook on life has changed and I’ve developed a wonderful appreciation for all the blessings surrounding me. Meranda provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which your spirit can explore and grow. Completing the program has given me an awakening I have been searching for all my life.” –NB

“Meranda’s vast knowledge on the many different topics covered, her understanding and supportive attitude towards her students and overall positive demeanor  makes learning enjoyable.” –LBP

“Meranda is a strong leader and deeply knowledgeable of her subject matter. The Empowerment Program is a unique and worthwhile educational and personal growth experience.” –JM

“When I began I was  a healer and a peer support worker on a volunteer basis. I had my own business but it was growing slowly and lacked direction. This course empowered me to correct my own energy and to see the energy leaks in my life. I gained the tools and the confidence to create an Empowerment Retreat and offer my own services as an Empowerment Coach. I began earning income in my field before the course ended. I have done courses in boundary setting and healthy relationships before with some success. Maranda’s course helped me to clear karmic blocks that I had not previously been able to clear in other programs.”- SG

“The Empowerment Program has significantly changed the way I see the world around me and inside me.  It has awakened me to how connected I am to everything, in a way that I feel in my heart verses just think.  For the first time in my life I have a true relationship to nature that captures my heart.  Thank you Meranda.” –CA


When:Spring, Fall, & Winter weekends/weekdays
Where: Online or in person 
Contact: merandasquires@thelotuscentre.ca