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52 Prescott Street.
St. John’s, Newfoundland,
Phone: 709-739-4429

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July 21-29, 2022

Tree of Life Sustainability Project,

Salmonier Line,  One hour South West of St. John’s, Newfoundland

$700 food and accommodation included

$550 with two main vegetarian, vegan, gluten free meals or groceries contribution

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The value of directly experiencing and communicating the truth is that it enables you to live more consciously, and in closer contact with others. Discovering who you are dissolves a huge segment of life’s uncertainty and pain and awakens you to the living reality of truth. You know exactly what the poets and mystics were talking about because you have made yourself one with them; you see with the same eyes they saw with; hear with the same ears. Suddenly, it’s a wonderful life, and you are so grateful it was given to you!

On an Enlightenment Intensive you work on the question “Who am I” but instead of working on yourself by yourself (which is very difficult) participants work with one another. So the power and energy that is available between individuals is harnessed and concentrated on the question. This makes possible the quantum shift in consciousness which resolves the questioning

About Longer Intensives

For many people three-day Enlightenment Intensives end just when they are starting to get interesting. On the final day participants often find themselves in a new realm, one where contemplation is no longer foreign or forced but spontaneous, natural and real. The dyads flow on a deeper level. Contact is profound. The power and significance of the work have become self-evident.

But then the Intensive comes to an end. Formality and discipline lift; contemplation subsides and participants begin to contract out of the expanded state they were just beginning to enjoy.

A seven intensive is for those who want to stay on and continue the inquiry at the level they have attained at the end of the third day. So it is an opportunity to go on out into realms you always had to turn your back on before; and experience whatever arises as contemplation deepens day after day after day. It is a simple and very pure life. You are supported and nourished by the structure and fellowship of the intensive. Your only mandate and concern is to continue opening to the truth and communicating your experience, whatever it is.

Long Enlightenment Intensives are not easy. There are barriers and crises to face. But they genuinely benefit those who choose to do them. They involve a deep confrontation with illusion and a level of work which can profoundly affect participants’ lives.

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