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Blog #5 When a student puts me up on a Pedestal October 24, 2018

Blog #5   When a student puts me on a Pedestal      Oct 24, 2018


The role of a teacher holds a lot of responsibility. The spiritual teacher perhaps holds the most responsibility for a student’s overall well being: partly physical but mostly emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The question is, “Am I wise enough or free enough from my ego ideal to offer that full responsibility up to the Divine Presence?”      As a yoga and meditation teacher, I am a conduit for the highest purpose of a soul: Unity consciousness. On one hand it’s a lot to take on, this responsibility of a person’s whole well-being. On the other hand, it doesn’t belong to me, it is in the hands of the Great Divine Power. My job is to support and help students and  also to renounce my ‘doership’ completely. It’s my spiritual practice to find this balance.


When a student projects grandeur onto me, it’s called transference. They are wanting something from me that I may not have promised I would or could be for them. Our relationship may fulfill something that they need, or fulfill a lack they feel in their soul or in their emotional self. It may offer much more than what they signed up for.  That is totally cool. I have so much to give, I am pleased to give whatever I can. What is all this joy and freedom for if it is not to share it? Besides, I also benefit by being with such receptive people who are open to transforming into their higher Self. It is the highest company!


But when they put me on a pedestal, they don’t see me, Meranda, a human who is also working on herself, they are projecting what they want to feel. My job is to be clear about this while relating to anyone in a student role.  We all project what we want from others. We are endlessly hungry to be filled because we believe that we are in lack. Putting anyone on a pedestal is a projection of unfulfilled desires. The problem with someone projecting me on to a pedestal is that one day when they wake up out of their trance, they will aggressively tear me down and kick me off that same pedestal.  If I bought their story of projection on the pedestal, I am ‘fucked’. It would mean that I am also needy to be seen as a hero. It would mean I have fallen into the trap of counter transference. I secretly would be looking for them to fulfill my needs to be their savior.


My ego likes good attention and I like to be appreciated for my services. I like to see that I have contributed something to someone’s wellbeing. Perhaps we all are like this? But truly this is a trap of the ego. My sense of lack is my value. Subconsciously, I believe that my sense of value is dependent on other’s appreciation of me after I have done something for them. This is my ‘weakness’ to depend on others to show me my ‘value.’ So when a student puts me on a pedestal, the Divine is testing to see if I know my own value. Will I suck up to the one who put me on the pedestal? Or will I honor their process of transference and simply remember that the Divine is the real Pedestal. It is between that student’s soul and their Divine.  My spiritual practice is to offer my role as spiritual guide up to the Divine Pedestal!