I am happy to share with you “Wisdom Wednesdays”. Each weekly video is inspired by my own revelations and insights. My intention is to spread these wisdoms to raise consciousness. My hope is that you benefit from my pieces of wisdom and can refer to them in your everyday life.

Here are the links to my videos which can be found on my youtube channel @TheLotusCentre

137. Vulnerableness Heals the Wound!

136. Original Sin or Original Wound?

135. Don’t Identify with the Content!

134. What is an OLD SOUL?

133. Create the Habit of Changing Your Habits!
132. Ego and Mind Sabotages Your Bliss!
131. Challenge the Divine to WOW You!
130. Everyone is Worshipping God! 
129. Who You Are is not a Perception! 
128. Practice Versus Medication
127. Your Practice Should Resonate with your Evolving State
126. Memories Create Desires
125. Are you Form or Pure Consciousness?
124. My Truth Versus Pure Truth
123. Are You Divine’s Actor or Ego’s Imposter?
122. Discern Between Natural Karma and Man Made Rules
121. Fasting Heals
120. Letting Go is a Relief!
119. Being Authentic is the Solution to Addiction
118. Practice Attracts the Divine to YOU!
117. Fear Means Feeling Small, Love Means Inclusion
116. You are the Goose Not the Eggs!
115. The Alternative is Freedom!
114. Community is the Answer!
113. Become a Farmers COOP Member
112. Intuition or Projection?
111. Ego Borrows its Power From Pure Consciousness
110. A Local Barter System Feeds the Soul
109. The Truth Behind Language is Silence
108. Be Aware of the Space Between the Thoughts
107. Do You See the Devil of The Goddess?
106. Create the Blueprint of the Vision of Oneness
105. Your Mind Keeps You Trapped!
104. Sing and Raise Your Vibration
103. Staying Grounded Amidst Our Fast Changing Times
102. From Betrayal to the Divine
101. Feeling Trapped to Feeling Free!
100. Meditate with Me!
99. Don’t Mix Levels of Consciousness!
98. What is Better than Sitting with My Thoughts?
97. I know it’s All Me!
96. Let Thy Will be Done
95. What is a Cult?
94. Why do You Practice?
93. What is Laya Yoga?
92. Fear is Our Greatest Challenge 
91. Can You be Free From Past Trauma
90. Should I Tell People the Truth?
89. Relating to God
88. What is the Cause of Depression?
87. False Surrender or Authentic Surrender?
86. How to be Free of Ego
85. Ego Superego Inner Child
84. What is the Yoga in Relationships?
83. Turn Your Problem into a Project!
82. Pranayam Balances Mind and Senses
81. Open to the Presence of Love
80. True Meaning of Hatha Yoga
79. What Makes One Spiritual Teacher More Attractive than Others?
78. How to Transmute Anger
77. Lotus Centre is a Reflection of The Lotus Flower
76. What are the 8 Limbs of Yoga?
75B. Natural vs. Allopathy
75A. Love More Those Who Cannot Receive
74. What is Awareness?
73. What is a Guru Mantra?
72. Demonize the Device or Honour the Jewel
71. Silence is God’s Voice
70. Your Attachment Attracts Abuse to You
69. A Blessing in Disguise
68. Conspiracy or Truth?
67. Don’t Take it Personally
66. COVID 19 is Here to Inspire Personal Practice
65. Triggered? What Should you Do?
64. Fear- Snake or Rope?
63. Healing know the Cause of Your Pain
62. Is Suffering needed for Enlightenment?
61B. Transparency in the Teacher Role
61A. Pain and the 4 Noble Truths
60. Life Supporting Actions Create Positive Experiences
59. You Can Change Your Karma
58. Destiny or Free Will?
57. How do I Get Out of My Trapped Marriage?
56. What is the Fear of Death?
55. What is Kriya Yoga?
54. What is Death?
53. What is a Koan?
52. What Obscures Our True Self?
51. Is Doing Ignorant Things Also Perfection?
50. Difference Between a Teacher and a Guru
49. Be Decisive No Matter What You Do
48. How Will I Know I am the Permanent ME?
47. Who Am I? I am Unchanging
46. Chanting as a Practice Versus Music as Entertainment
45. The Patterns of Watching Must Ournumber the Patterns of Attachment
44. The Difference Between the Scholar’s Intellect and the Wise One’s Intellect
43. Why Certain Meditation Techniques Seem Distracting
42. How Enlightened Speakers can Speak with Power of Truth
41. How to See a Person as They Really are
40. The Meditators Mind Reflects Like a Pure Crystal
39. How to Choose Your Object of Meditation
38. NA
37. NA
36. The 4 Divine Attitudes
35. Build Your Energy to Over Power Suffering
34. Counteracting Distractions to the Yoga Lifestyle
33. Purpose of Aum, Power of Mantra
32. Difference Between God and the Human Being
31. The 5 Means of Spiritual Practice to be Adopted
30. Difference Between Stable and Unstable Enlightenments
29. Four Stages of Meditation and the Permanent State
28. Four Stages to Gain Detachment
27. A Steady Committed Practice Unfolds Infinity
26. Retrieving a Spiritual Experience Through Memory
25. Detachment and Finding the Positive in Your Construed Thinking
24. Using Science for Personal Transformation
23. Choose the Pain Free Conclusion
22. You are the Knower of Your Self!
21. Secret to Unity State of Consciousness
20. From Loss of God to Surrender to God
19. From Small I to Big I
18. From Loss of Control to Empowerment
17. From Unhappiness to Contentment
16. From Disease to Purity
15. From Past Lives to Eternity
14. From Sexual Dysfunction to Divine Union
13. From Lack to Prosperity
12. From Telling Lies to Giving a Blessing
11. From Causing Harm to Experiencing Love
10. Real Meaning of Yoga
9. Making an Empowered Apology
8. Finding Peace with Your Abuser
7. Forgiving Myself
6. From Self Doubt to Trust
5. Letting Go of Control
4. Clearing a Negative Belief
3. How to Authentically Heal Myself
2. How to Love Myself More
1. Freedom From Anxiety

Additionally to “Wisdom Wednesdays”, I also create “Meranda’s Travel insights” where I share my insights from my travels around the world.

19. India #14: Gradual Dropping of Desire
18. India #13: Creating a Personal Meditation Retreat
17. India #12: Mediation on Intuition
16. India #11: The Transformative Process of Surrender
15. India #10: Surrender, Discipline and Intuition
14. India #9: How can Shatki Energy Enlighten You?
13. Thailand #4: Ego Image and Super Ego Attacks
12. Thailand #3: Surrendering our Biggest Bad Habit!
11. Thailand #2: Solution to Painful Emptiness is Finding Sweet Emptiness!
10. Thailand #1: My Journey to Thailand to Explore the Truth of Emptiness!
9. India #8: What is Immortal?
8. India #7: I Know That I don’t Know
7. India #6: Shiva is Dissolving Me
6. India #5: I am the Truth the Teacher Speaks
5. India #4: What is Self Confidence?
4. India #3: Wherever I Go, There I Am. But Who Am I?
3. India #2: To Obsess is to Get What I don’t Want!
2. India #1: Heartache Needs to be Felt not Analyzed
1. Cuba #1: How Yogis Maintain Harmony in a Group Setting

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy.Everyone