200hr Summer Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Train under an authentic yoga guru in an ashram environment in rural Newfoundland.   As one student says, “I thought I had to go to India, but India came to me!”

Spend four weeks connecting with your breath, your body, your mind, your soul and the earth. This is YOGA!

Raise your consciousness through yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra, and satsang, expertly led by an enlightened master.

Raise your vibration with karma yoga, community prepared organic vegetarian meals and clean air in a sustainable environment in rural Newfoundland. End every evening with devotional chanting.

Challenge yourself to take your Hatha practice to the next level.

Connect with your breath through pranayama and learn to move with your breath through somatics and Soma yoga.

Change your life as you live the gunas.

Come as a student, leave as a teacher.

Cleanse your spirit in the river of Life at the Tree of Life.


→Soma yoga: Somatic training, McKenzie body exercises, teaching exercises.

→Hatha yoga: Posture alignment, partner yoga, press points and assists, class development;  from warm ups to shavasana.

→Other course training: Philosophy, Cleansing Diet workshop, pranayama exercises, centering, language guidance, devotional chanting, yoga books, meditation course, anatomy, teacher sharing, Partner Assist and Release yoga retreat, Enlightenment Intensive Retreat, and much more.

→Course certification includes:  Completion of the Certification check list, Anatomy exam, Yoga philosophy exam, 15 practicum classes, a class critiqued and a yoga project.

Take root in our Lotus Garden. Experience the warm nurturing community that fosters evolution of consciousness while your seed matures into your own unique expression of yoga.

Books for this Yoga teacher training:

  1. Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope
  2. Anatomy and Asana by Susi Hately Aldous
  3. Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain (optional)


Cost includes two additional retreats to be completed at a later date and continued training and guidance for the following year at the Lotus Centre.

  1. Somatic Assist Retreat: 2 1/2 days
  2. Enlightenment Retreat: 3 1/2 days

And the experience continues at the Lotus Centre. Personalize your remaining training requirements on site and continue under the guidance of Meranda Squires. You can be guided in living a yoga lifestyle and supported in a yoga teaching career on an ongoing basis. This Summer Training is perfect for out of town students.

⇒200 Hour Training In 2023

Part One: 2 weeks in July at The Tree of Life Retreat Centre, St. Catherine’s , Salmonier Line, NL
Part Two: 2 weeks in August at The Tree of Life Retreat Centre, St. Catherine’s , Salmonier Line, NL
Cost: $2500 plus $500 for accommodations with food contributions (Payment Plan is available. Retreat only option also available.)
Deposit: $500 by July 1
Contact: merandasquires@thelotuscentre.ca