#114 Community is The Answer


Q. We are becoming more isolated and losing contact with each other. People need to feel connected to live with sanity and to grow spiritually. I feel sad for all the people who are caught in this madness without a way to get grounded and feel supported. What can I do for others who feel lost?

Answer: You need to get involved with a community that is independent of the mainstream affairs. We are waking up to the fact that the centralized system  such as the government, education and medical system, and science are no longer doing the job we need them to do. The system is falling apart in front of our eyes. We know it,  we see it, and we feel and we are experiencing the  fall of our illusion. We have put our trust and investments into these systems and now is the time for it all to fall apart.

This is good because we became dependent on it. But we must get clear on an alternative lifestyle and support system. What is that? What would it be like to be independent and create a parallel structure of a social system that is built from grass roots, by the people with their needs, strengths and talents, time, energy and love.

To evolve spiritually, we need a supportive community that feeds life from our source. With individuals that see the big picture, who can work together in love and create a people society.  We cannot afford to continue leaking energy hoping to be supported by an external centralized nonlocal system. It will no longer work.

Imagine getting together and having a garden party, a picnic, a dance, walking through the fields and forest, gathering for discussion on higher topics, exploring depths of new friendships, all with in a like minded community. We meet in person with out fear. We learn from each other, play, give, receive, love, greet, in the light of recognizing the other as myself!  WE create reasons to play together, learn together.

If you are interested in participating in a new community that is built from the grassroots, from each of us, send me an email. You may join our Support Group for building  Farm Coops, alternative businesses, education and medical systems. We are starting from where we are and we will build what we need for ourselves. We can do this! You have nothing to lose by becoming part of this alternative community

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