#112 Intuition or Projection?


Question: What is Intuition? How can I know if its intuition or just my fear or desire? How can I use intuition for my benefit?

Answer:   Like the light that appears before the sun shows on the horizon, Intuition is that clarity of vision of things before you get the evidence of its cause, the sun. Intuition is the immediate knowledge when you are open and receptive of a yes or no about something happening in the present moment. It occurs without or before  the 5 senses or the mind’s engagement. But in that moment, you have no facts from the sensory level to verify the truth of it. So your mind comes in at a slower speed to reason with you through the past memory or the future anticipation. But intuition is only about the present moment, it is what is happening now. The emanations of the present moment that you are picking up. It is free, light and immediate.

The mind and ego operate as a medium of knowledge but intuition has no faculty for transmission.

You need to be grounded in your body in order to receive pure intuition from the higher centres that ensures you remain capable of being open and unconfused. Otherwise, after you receive a flash of truth, your intuition will turn into a mental projection, a fear takes over and you spiral downwards into confusion and the inability to make a clear decision. You will know that it is fear projection because your body contracts, shuts down and your mind now no longer knows what that flash of insight is meant for you. You take it personally as if it was meant to tell you something important that may be threatening you. When this happens you make the decision from fear.

But you need to train yourself to not take it personally, remain detached and see the flash as if you learn about the external situation that is not directly in relation to you. You simply pick up something about the object. In order to do this, you are detached from your ego and personality and your vision is broad, expanded. You are a vehicle that senses energies that are external to your body. Don’t let the ego make it about itself. You should remain unreactive and maintain a Watcher perspective so you can continue picking up more intuitions in the next moment and then again into the next moment. If you can remain detached you can avoid spiraling down into fear and then making reactive fearful decisions that make your life more limited and more suffering.  Good practice of detached intuitions can help you stay happy and healthy. They can guide you and you can make decisions from a place of choice.

Sometimes you are secretly desiring or hoping or expecting something unconsciously and you have a flash insight. Here you conclude it is relation to your desire. You wonder, Is this telling me I should have this or get this? Is my desire coming true? But again fear and desire are projection coming from our ego sense of separation. It feels heavier, tighter, more reactive, taking it personally, you feel contractive.

You benefit from your intuition when you practice verifying it in small ways first. For example, think about your bed. Ask yourself a few questions and let your intuition answer it for you. Practice this without projecting a preference or a fear.  

Do you like your bed? Feel into this and let your intuition answer a yes or a no. Then ask yourself, “ Does something need to be changed?” If so, Go make that change. Then verify it by checking in again if you get a yes or a no. Each verification strengthens your intuition and soon you can trust your intuition more than your mental and ego projections of fear and desire.

The practice of verifying your intuitions can strengthen your ability to intuit and you can live a fuller happier and more secure  life because you are relying fully on your own intelligence as opposed to waiting for others verification that you are OK or not OK. You are spiritually becoming independent. Intuition is your great guide.

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