#110 A local Barter System Feeds the Soul

Question: I hear about the LetsBarterNl system. How will this benefit us? How does it work?

Answer: From a spiritual perspective, the barter system feeds your soul because you get closer to others, you interact, you feel who the other is through exchanging your gifts and talents. You build an inner sense of security amongst yourselves in community. What you offer to others is the part you want to share. You offer your best side, you enjoy the sharing.

In the barter system you can appreciate your own value and others value directly in the community setting. It is community.

In society these days, we are moving away from community and leaking our energy further away from us. So we feel more and more disconnected.  We are missing community, love, sharing, offering our gifts, receiving love from others, feeling a part of something that is inherently ours. You are more and more forced to do things that you don’t like in order to make a dollar for survival.

The local barter system is the alternative that heals that disconnection and creates a sense of real security that resonates with your empowerment. It has the potential to be sustainable if we offer everything people need. What are the basics we need? We need Healthy foods, apartment accommodation rentals, health products, Natural healings, Mr fix It’s, Construction work, Computer services, child care, arts, homecare, house repairs, education, business services, counseling, garden help, animal care, transportation, legal services,  and so on.

Can we provide this to ourselves without going through a government system? Yes, we can create our own governing without the interest going to the banks.

But we have to build this together. This is what is most empowering. No dependance of a  corporation  doing it for us. We are the builder of what we want to create and live in! You have to think like a community. You have to practice your yoga skills of listening, contributing, thinking in the bigger picture of sharing and working together. It is not a selfish venture to only do your own things. Others are more in your world. So we have to learn how to relate, communicate, and through this we get reflections into who we are. Your family gets larger, you feel more supported. If you lose your job, you don’t feel you have lost everything because there is this support system. People know who you are and they love you and are there to help you.

How does this system work? It is an online accounting system. A website that gives you an account with a 100 COD credit to start your trading. You write out your offerings in goods or services and you write out your needs. You look through the products and services page and find what you need. You contact the person offering your needs and you make an agreement for that service. They may invoice you or you may make a direct payment to their account.

It is a circular system. Let’s say you want some organic vegetables. You look up Food in the  products and service index. You find one person who sells organic vegetables. You contact them and you meet them to receive the vegetables. You pay them 20COD from your account. Now that organic person has 20 extra COD in their account and they want a massage. They look through the index and find a massage therapist. The massage therapist will receive 50 COD  and maybe $20 in cash. Now that massage therapist wants a service from you  as a carpenter. And so on. This system allows for a cash portion if you want to charge cash.

How do you become a member?

Simply fill out the application form. There is a $25 annual cash fee for the website and other cash maintenances. Go to the letsbarter website.

Other wise,  this system is self sustainable if we play the rules well and we consider how to change with the needs that arise in the barter community.

Who is best to become a member? For services you must  have time and skills to offer and share. Products: Local businesses. Farmers, Health store retails, apartment owners.

Who won’t this work for? Full time workers busy with family affairs with no extra time for their services.

If you want to learn more  contact me directly. Here is the video by Lori Heath to explain how it works in the big picture.

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