#109 Truth Behind Language is Silence

Q. How is it possible to have one group of people believe their perspective is right and another group with the opposite beliefs feel that they are right? And all kinds of people in between these two beliefs think that their perspective is right. How can different perspectives be correct? Is there only one perspective that is correct? Where do these perspectives come from? How is a perspective created?

Answer: Excellent question and perfect for these times of confusion where media is blasting one perspective and another side is trying to rise up from under mass media to prove an opposite perspective.

This is all happening through language. You can manipulate a whole population through how you word your speech. The wording of your speech is always a limited perspective. Language is a form of communication that is built on vrittis, thoughts, angles of perception, waves of consciousness. Every content of thought is a part of the Truth but not the whole Truth as you identify with its part. Perspectives are thoughts combined together to support the ego’s position and its need to survive and succeed in life. When you communicate your perspective, you use a language that distorts the Truth. So whatever you speak is always distorted and false. We call this a false narrative. Every thought, imagination, past memory; all are stories, or false narratives. None is True.

What is True? That which is at the source of language. Silence. The mind is fabricating and twisting words around to sedate the ego‘s fear of death. Your mind does it to you all the time. You believe in one perspective, that perspective is a fabrication of your mind. You should question everything that you feel strongly opinionated about. Watch for how the Truth is twisted to appeal to your ego. Your ego needs to be right. It fights to be heard and convinces the other to see your perspective.

This twisting of language goes as far as using it as a weapon in war time. Say, you are the leader of a war and you want your enemy to trust you so that you can abuse them.  You want to delude them into thinking you are on their side to protect them. So you manipulate your language, write and speak to them in nicely phrased wording that makes their ego feel secure and continue to trust you. Meanwhile you are setting them up in a trap so that you can keep them from knowing your real intentions to harm them. This is an extreme example of using false narratives to manipulate others. But we manipulate and harm ourselves through holding limited perspectives.

What is the Truth behind a perspective, a thought, a belief? Silence. If you really want to know the Truth in any given situation, you should go into the Silence. Let the silence penetrate you until you are filled with the language of Purity, Reality, Unlimited Self. Feel into expansion where all is simply here. No limited perspectives, no one side is right and another wrong. In silence, it is Perfect. No perspective opens the door for The Whole to be experienced.

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