#103 Staying Grounded Amidst our Fast Changing Times

Question: I don’t know how to respond to what comes at me during all the changes of COVID regulations. The masks, lockdown, vaccination, what’s right, wrong, should’s, shouldn’ts, opinions aggressions emotions. The rules are changing all the time. I am overwhelmed with the decisions to make while I am in a confused state. How do I stay grounded?

Answer: The yogi is one who avoids getting stuck holding  to only one perspective. Rather you are open to all perspectives without condemning any.

Taking a side of  ‘I’m right”, indicates an attachment or identification of your small ego ‘I” with an idea.

If you feel your emotion arising in your perspective, this indicates something occurring right now is triggering some unresolved past issue, trauma, or belief.

If you experience yourself either withdrawing or doing the opposite like projecting your opinions like a defenseless small dog, this indicates your fear of death or threat of survival.

You may feel pressured by your family’s opinion so you decide to take the easy path to avoid conflict. But later you feel regret but now you have to suppress your regret.

You may have taken the easy path because it promised freedom of choice but now you may discover that it is leading to more conformities which is a slow loss of personal choices.

There are many more examples of the challenges you, and we are facing during these COVID Times.

Deep emotions are or can be triggered during these times. They must come to the surface out of its dark dungeon. We need to see our reactions, repulsions, attractions, and dark patterns in order to overcome them and transcend them.

The yogi is the Observer, the Watcher. The yogi does not act because of the changing appearances.

You could say the Divine has dropped COVID on us to test or challenge our groundedness.

 The yoga state is to be unwavering within all the surface changes. The challenge is to stay connected with the stuff that cannot waver. What is this unchanging stuff? You, the yogi can stay focused on that which is steady, silent, always present and all permeating, Free and Blissful. You can stay clear, steadfast to the knowledge that you are Watching, Observing. You do not need to take a perspective, a side. You do not need to respond to the things that are undergoing constant change. The yogi does not make a life decision on something that is undergoing constant change. The yogi stays grounded in the knowledge of your Immortality.

It is from this place you should make your decisions. You, in essence, are immortal, when you know this, you will not make a decision from a state of confusion.

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