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Which Voice in my Head is telling me the Truth?

Something happened while living in the ashram in India 1988 that my guru awakened in me. I was 24 years old and I was newly separating from a cult situation. In the early days of deciding to leave I was confused by all of the different advice I heard from friends. I was also anxious that the cult leader would convince me I am bad or wrong to leave. I know I was experiencing a lot of pain by staying but was fearful of the pain of leaving.

One evening during a question and answer session with our guru in the ashram hall, I bravely stepped up to the forum beside my guru and asked him “What is the Truth? My mind tells me so many things but they are opposing each other. I am confused and anxious in making a decision. Please tell me the Truth, which voice is telling me the Truth?”

He listened carefully as if he heard me through the spaces between the words of my heart. He heard me slowly spit out the yearning of my soul for freedom.

He said “You want to know which voice is speaking Truth. Each voice speaks a view or a perspective… but who are YOU? Who speaks each voice? YOU are the Truth, your voices do not speak Truth. Voices and perspectives are changing but YOU do not change. You are Unchanging. Who are you? You are the Unchanging Observer, the One who watches those changing voices and perspectives. YOU are the power that can stand back, observe and remain free while listening to your minds’ many perspectives. What is the Truth? The Truth is that YOU are the Free One who is able to observe and remain free while those voices in your head talk to each other.”

That night my mind was blown. I honestly could not mentally grasp what he had said to me. I knew this was something I needed to understand and practice. I wanted the Truth, but I was focused on the chatter of my mind. I was stuck and confused because I believed that every voice that told me something seemed to be the Truth. My heart longed for a way out of pain and confusion. Now I was given a way out by becoming the Watcher of those voices. Wow! That’s the key! The Truth is I am the Watcher of my many voices!

How did this help me with my decision to leave the cult? Energetically, it gave me the detachment power to not believe any of my conflicting thoughts or voices. It stopped the energy leaks from entertaining those thoughts. My attention, now released from conflicting thoughts was able to rise up and begin to focus on feeling, listening and observing from a deeper place inside me. I felt my vibration rise and my mind become clearer. I began to vibrate at a higher speed of consciousness, a speed closer to Stillness where I experienced a sense of Perfect Peace. This kind of peace could not be experienced while I entertained every thought, voice and perspective in my mind to be Real and Truth. I was able to leave the cult situation with the strength of TRUTH behind me. That Truth didn’t say that one voice is right, or another voice is wrong. That Truth simply showed me that I AM FREE!

Since then, now 30 years later, I have learned that it is I who creates and manipulates my thoughts. I can consciously choose to place my attention on the Space or Stillness between thoughts. This space or gap is called TRUTH.

Every day now, this power of TRUTH is behind me. My soul is happier because I keep my commitment to TRUTH which is freedom from thoughts. 

Now I’d like to offer you some gifts as my guru did for me. You can find freedom from your conflicting thoughts. Follow me and I will happily guide you to Peace of Mind and Your TRUTH.

But first, I would really appreciate your help by completing my Survey about Anxiety. You will guide me in developing a course with a spiritual approach to finding Freedom From Anxiety for many people including yourself.

To express my gratitude for filling out my  Survey about Anxiety, I will gift you with a video called “Anxiety and Your Soul’s Agreement” plus two audio versions of an ancient Upanishad Prayer to the Divine. Take time to thoroughly appreciate these gifts after completing the survey!

What’s in these precious gifts?

Anxiety and Your Soul’s Agreement video: This will help you take the first most important step in overcoming your anxiety in this life time by learning how to make a better agreement with your Soul. Repeat this Agreement to your Soul and watch your anxiety fade away!

Ancient Upanishad Prayer audios:  This prayer has the power of guru, the bringer of light or the dispeller of darkness. This prayer will lead you from the unreal to the REAL, from untruth to TRUTH!

Perhaps now, you can assist me in helping others by taking 10 minutes or so to respond to my Survey about Anxiety.

I am in the process of creating more gifts of wisdom for you. Stay tuned for more wisdom, spiritual practices, webinars and courses to overcome your negative mental states, physical illnesses, emotional blocks and spiritual challenges while walking your path to the light.

May you benefit greatly from my gifts. May the light be with you always.