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Why take the Empowerment Training Program?

The Empowerment training has its basis in mind clearing processes geared towards reclaiming lost power. The way to empowerment is through processing the mind’s confusion and mixture of undifferentiated mental and emotional material through a discerning process. Workshops and courses are offered in areas such as: problems, life purpose, boundaries, anxiety, depression, regret, heart loss, decisions, intuition, family gatherings, confidence, relating to God, trauma, Illness, past life, money, grief, relationship, time management, false core beliefs, business and more.

What is Processing? Processing is done through a ‘Clearing Communication’. Normal communication is when person A asks person B to “please move the chair.” Person B complies by saying, “OK, I’ll move the chair.” Both parties know they are on the same page in understanding. When there is no compliance, Person A is left with uncommunicated communication stuck in the mind which still needs to find an outlet. Communications need to be received fully without judgement, advice, criticism or projections. Otherwise person A will suppress these built-up uncommunications and develop dis-ease in the mind and body over time.

A Clearing Communication is when person A gives an instruction such as, “Tell me about you and your mother.” Person B explores several areas relating to mother and decides which area is the most appropriate to share to person A. This first instruction opens the door for further processing. Person A gives another instruction around the same topic to keep person B clearing the area of confusion. Person B communicates what comes up as a compliance to each instruction. As person B communicates, he or she is clearing and discerning what is false, unuseful and stuck discovering where the personal power is sitting. This processing reveals one’s personal power.

What is empowerment? One is able to always act in light of loving one’s Self. Lack of empowerment is the ego’s attempt to manipulate circumstances while leaking energy into false hopes, expectations, manipulations. Empowerment is your decision to take 100% responsibility for your state of consciousness. As you practice loving yourself first, all further actions will support self love.

The Empowerment Program is a pragmatic strategic ‘how to’ method to reset, reframe, and rebuild a relationship with one’s self. It is a personal renovation and alignment of the mind and soul.

These intensive time efficient workshops and courses teach you how to generate immediate ways to get unstuck in every area of your life. Be prepared to be resurrected!