What Mind Clearing Can Do and Can’t Do

As with all methods of inner work, Clearing techniques don’t produce results automatically by themselves; the results come when the processes are brought alive by the Clearer’s authenticity, skill and contact, and are participated in by the client. What follows assumes an experienced Clearer with these qualities and a basic level of responsibility on the client’s part.

There is no discussion of timeline here because clients move forward at widely varying rates. Clearer expertise also varies, affecting the timeline. However, it has been over 45 years since Mind Clearing was developed and we have seen a lot by now. Here is an outline of what Mind Clearing is capable of doing and not doing, based on observation and client report.:


→Expanded ability to communicate: Whatever level of ability to communicate the client enters with, Mind Clearing improves it, reducing the tendency to dramatize. A process almost of rebirth unfolds as clients gradually recover their voice to a deeper level.

→Clear current problems and stuck life projects: Many clients arrive with their life energy knotted up in current problems and stuck life projects. Mind Clearing has many tools for clearing these. The natural result is fewer life problems and more energy for creative projects and meaningful relationships.

→Real Relatingp: Mind Clearing can bring a client with patterns of isolation into real communication and contact. This result is a life-changer for those trapped in a world of inauthentic or fear-based relating.

→Clear guilt and shame: The sense of guilt or shame is a powerful inhibitor of success and enjoyment of success. The release of these areas in Mind Clearing awakens a person to a world in which it is natural for good things to come and to enjoy them.

→Clear common problem areas of modern life: Mind Clearing has sets of processes for clearing the common problem areas of modern life such as money, personal boundaries, business and work, improving family gatherings, cult exiting, finding a new couple partner, depression, and spiritual crisis.

→Build stable life points: Some clients have challenges building stable life points such as a steady income, a place to live, or a good relationship. Mind Clearing develops the ability to create the stable points on which a better life is based.

→Clarify deepest life purposes: Getting on track with these purposes opens the door to the greater adventure of life and contribution at a high level. It taps deeper sources of creative energy, power and inspiration.

→Clear fixed attitudes: Many people are limited by fixed attitudes such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘No one would love me as I am.’ Mind Clearing has effective processes for clearing these fixed attitudes that limit personal potential.

→Clear core conflicts: Some clients express deep core conflicts such as a chronic sense of not having agreed to be in life or being somehow fundamentally flawed. The deeper Mind Clearing processes are capable of clearing these core conflicts.

→Build a sense of self-responsibility and power of choice: In Mind Clearing, clients increasingly experience that they are not a victim in life; that they always have choice and can initiate action. Eventually this experience becomes universal in the client’s being. It is the essence of the quality of personal empowerment.

→Fulfill the definition of ‘mind clear’:One definition is ‘being able to disengage from any influence of the mind within five seconds and act according to one’s choice.’ This stage amounts to freedom from projected significance and drama because the mind is always trying to add these to what is perceived. Here, the full potential of Mind Clearing has been reached.


Realize the full potential of Mind Clearing for everyone all the time. Many clients get some benefit from Mind Clearing and prefer to carry on with their lives without going further in their clearing process. Among clients who continue there is a wide variation in pace of progress, something seen in all helping modalities. It’s because the factors affecting client progress are many. They include health, general trauma level, degree of interest, ability for inner work, resources, genetics, and life circumstances.

→Deep emotion work: Emotion Clearing works directly with pure emotional/body energy and divine energy to a deeper level than does Mind Clearing. Successful Mind Clearing prepares a client for successful Emotion Clearing by removing the mental blocks to free-flowing emotion and divine energy.

→Clear addiction: With Mind Clearing sessions alone I’ve seen clients give up habits such as tranquilizers, sleeping pills, cigarettes and problem drinking (as distinguished from alcoholism.) But experienced Clearers respect the power of deep addictive patterns and won’t promote Mind Clearing sessions as a cure for them by itself. They will create a plan that includes Mind Clearing sessions but does not rely on them alone. This is because the energies of addiction run deeper than the realm of the mind. A more comprehensive life/body/spiritual transformation is usually necessary for clearing addiction.

Mind Clearing is an effective companion to a comprehensive program of addiction recovery the client undertakes such as AA, Alanon, or similar programs. Mind Clearing contributes unique forms of processing and ability-gain to the power of 12-step or similar programs and is compatible with their aims and methods.

→Body healing: Mind Clearing can improve a client’s state of relationship with a physical ailment. This assists the process of recovery and seems to contribute to the disappearing of some physical symptoms in some cases.

But for straight body healing, as in, ‘I have cancer, can Mind Clearing cure me?’ the answer is ‘not likely.’ Your advice ought to be, ‘I suggest you see a medical specialist for that. And have Mind Clearing sessions to deal with all that this is bringing up for you. Mind Clearing can help your recovery at all levels.’

→Clear deep mental illness: When mental illness causes so low a level of responsibility as to produce continually erratic or non-responsive behavior, the client is likely not helpable by formal Mind Clearing sessions as yet. In some cases a skilled Clearer may be able to apply Clearing principles informally and start there.

→Vanish the energy basis of the mind: Mind Clearing is very good at clearing the mind but it does not clear the energy basis of the mind. A deeper body/energy process of transformation is necessary for that. This requires more surrender to the divine energies, a process begun in Mind Clearing, furthered in Emotion Clearing, and deepened in spiritual practices carried out in the client’s personal life.

This is the scope of Mind Clearing. It leads to growing levels of self-responsibility and self-awareness. Mind Clearing is an adventure whose fruits are a life lived more truly and productively, with the doorway to one’s deepest spiritual journey swung open.

Mind Clearing could use more evidence-based research to quantify and clarify this scope.  In the meantime, this outline gives you a sense of what Mind Clearing can and can’t do.

© 2011 Lawrence Noyes www.Lawrencenoyes.com