work-aways & local helpers


Work-aways work at the TOL in exchange for food and accommodations. Work-aways will receive no financial compensation for their work. The work is not regimented, meaning some days you may work less and some days you may work more. If you need time away from TOL, this can be integrated as well.

We host international visitors from Internet programs such as Work Away & HelpEx


Local helpers are welcome to come for the day and barter work for meals. Local helpers will receive no financial compensation for their work.



Work-aways and/or local helpers have numerous ways to contribute to the Tree of Life. Each person is encouraged to contribute in a way that expresses their individuality. Activities may include any combination of: cooking communal meals, housekeeping, cleaning, collecting wood, cutting wood, splitting wood, carrying wood, collecting water, building maintenance/ construction, gardening, permaculture, tending to wood stoves etc. Activities vary day by day.


As part of our mission, we regularly host and/or offer spiritual workshops, including yoga, meditation, enlightenment intensives and other practices. Work-aways & local helpers may be opportunistically invited to participate in these offerings as part of the barter for their valued contribution.


If interested in being a work stay or a local helper, please read: The Welcome Guide, The Work-away and Local Helper Guide, and Orientation then and fill out the Work-away and Local Helper Inquiry Form and Wavier Form and send to Ian Goudie: