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We welcome you into a spiritual paradise in a natural setting.


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The Tree of Life (TOL) is an eco lodge and retreat centre based in Salmonier Line, St. Mary’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s designed by and for its members to help connect people, nature and spiritual practice through the cooperative development and management of a self-sufficient intentional community.




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Learn more about the Tree of Life’s meaning and purpose.

Our Mission includes construction of a retreat space using a design of sacred geometry (Tree of Life or Kabbalah), alternative energy, organic gardening and a co-operative of like-minded people.

Our Vision is to establish an off the grid, self-sustainable community on the original 5 acre parcel of land with future plans to expand in size.  People are welcome to participate in our community to experience a sense of place.  The longer-term vision includes creation of a sacred space to host nature, art and spiritual retreats.


While the Tree of Life is uniquely built and sustained by its members– a community of like-minded individuals— its long-term management is carried out by co-founders Ian Goudie and Meranda Squires.

Ian Goudie, Ph.D. is a musician, sound therapist and an environmental scientist. He is a native Newfoundlander with a thorough knowledge of the province’s geography and ecology. His life time experience in nature has fine tuned his knowledge of plants and animals. He provides workshops in attuning the body’s energy system using sacred mantras and sounds, as well as guided visualizations to determine individual animal and plant spirit guides. He is a trained Chief Monitor for enlightenment intensives



Meranda Squires  traveled to India in 1983 and stayed for seventeen years to pursue an in depth study of Meditation, Yoga and Vedant philosophyShe returned in 2000 to establish her spiritual centre, The Lotus Center. She is certified as a teacher of Advanced Studies in Yog Sciences, Vedant Philosophy and the Theory and Practice of Meditation, a SomaYoga Instructor, a Thai-yoga bodywork practitioner, an Enlightenment Master, a Mind Clearer and Counselor.


The Tree of Life is currently in the process of developing three organic gardens, several herb gardens, a green house, berry bushes and fruit trees. Landscaping is around trails. We are building organic and humus composting for gardens and bushes.

Off the Grid Energy

The Tree of Life is currently in the process of developing micro hydro and solar power, solar hot water, gravity-fed water supply, a compost septic system and masonry wood heating. We are also looking into acquiring geothermal heating and wind power for the community.

Green Building

Using cordwood or masonry wood construction, the Tree of Life is working with the principles of thermal mass which can store a lot of solar radiation and wood heat during winter and remain cool during summer. For insulation, we currently capture air space by using recycled plastic bottles. Much of the exposed wood is also derived from recycled lumber salvaged from old, deserted buildings from the eastern part of the island.


Accommodations & Amenities

The Tree of Life provides an interim bunkhouse with a woodstove and 4 beds. Meanwhile visitors and members alike also have access to our community tents, kitchen, cedar building (future sauna and bath house) and greenhouse.

While volunteer cooks are appreciated, food is also included for all activities.

Green Building

This is great hands-on training for those of you interested in learning more about earth-friendly habits such as micro hydro power generation, geothermal heating and masonry wood heating, wind power, cordwood construction, humus toilets, and much more.

Organic Gardening

The Tree of Life is in the process of developing three organic gardens, several herb gardens, a green house, berry bushes and fruit trees, with organic and humus composing for gardens and bushes. We invite you to take part in the joys of planting, harvesting, preparing and enjoying community-based food!

Bee Keeping

Spiritual Retreats

For those of you seeking a stronger spiritual connection to your community, The Tree of Life offers weekend and longer retreats in yoga, meditation, enlightenment intensives, yoga cleansing and more.

Karma Yoga

Here at The Tree of Life we encourage folks to “capture the moment” while working on any given task in this meditative state of mind. Eastern philosophy defines karma yoga as the performance of simple tasks while not identifying oneself as the doer and holding focus on the task at hand in the moment, with the objective of experiencing oneself as the instrument of Universal Will. While serving, one is said to experience a state of peace by simply being fully present in the moment.


Spend a day or overnight with carpooling from St. John’s. Choose a task that suits your skills, sing along at our evening campfire, do some yoga, meditate and enjoy nature.

Artists in Residence Program

Artists interested in practicing and honing their craft in a natural setting are encouraged to take up residence at The Tree of Life. To learn more about seasonal cabin rentals and plan a visit to view our site in person, please feel free to review our online application form for part-time membership and/or contact us directly.

Seasonal Worker Program

We are currently looking for handyman/handywoman skills, especially with carpentry. Please review our online application form for part-time membership and contact us to inquire about pay and work arrangements.

International Visitor Programs

We host international visitors from Internet programs such as,, www.wwoofers.comand more. Please review our online application form for part-time membership and contact us if you are interested.


The Tree of Life supports those who have made efforts to become free of drug and alcohol dependencies. As such, we have a zero tolerance policy for all artificial intoxicants at The Tree of Life.

We focus on developing our natural high!