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A 10 class Yoga Lifestyle Pass for $100 includes: Laya Yoga, Soma Yoga, Sunday Chant, Monday Dyads, Wednesday Meditation, Thursday Yoga Scriptures (Patanjali)

You may purchase the ten class Yoga Lifestyle pass here

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Laya Yoga is comparable to the effects of Kundalini yoga. Laya yoga awakens the chakra centres and dormant life force in the form of Kundalini Shakti. This class explores rhythmic breathing and movements, yogic cleansing actions called kriyas, sound vibrations called mantras,  hand gestures called mudras, energy locks called bandhas, breathing exercises called pranayamas, Hatha yoga, dynamic shakti meditations, and sound relaxation.

Regular practice dissolves karmic patterns of the ego by purifying the subtle energy channels called nadis, creating a state of no mind called bliss. Energy centres get charged with praanic life force which enlivens the body, soul and mind! Open to to all levels. This style of yoga creates inner strength and energetic power, one pointedness and connection to the Divine.

1.5 hours. Zoom online. Mondays 9:30-11am and Thursday’s: 7:30-9am

To learn more… Watch…

Meranda’s India Insights # 9 video: How can Shakti Energy Enlighten us?

Preview of Meranda’s Laya Yoga Class.

We begin with a shanti prayer, uddhiana bandh, and a cleansing breath, warming the body and joints with bhastrika breathing, moving into  postures, sitting with pranayam, mudras, mantras and bandhas, concluding with a bhakti meditation, a sound relaxation and meditation to close.

$15 drop in.  5 sessions for $70.  10 sessions for $100.  Any class pass can be used for any of the Lotus Lifestyle classes.



Schedule Soma Yoga Now!

SOMAYOGA (Level 1) is about creating awareness in the living body, designed to awaken the intelligence of the body. It is a gentle and conscious form of movement and stretching which integrates somatic exercises, hatha yoga, and MacKenzie alignment techniques. The techniques are sophisticated yet safe and simple to benefit everyone with much or little bodywork experience.

Soma yoga develops the ability to feel and control muscle groups that previously could not be controlled due to sensory motor amnesia. It is effective in improving many types of back, hip and shoulder joints, neck or other structural problems due to bad posture and traumatic stress. The classes are relaxing and meditative. No yoga experience needed. Loose clothing recommended.

Online classes through Zoom: Wednesdays 9:30-11am.

In Person: Mondays 5-6:30pm

Yoga classes are 1hr 30 minutes in duration. $15 drop in. $70 for 5 class pass. $100 for 10 class pass.

A 10 class pass is good for all or any of the Lotus Yoga Lifestyle classes.

Soma Yoga video for Home Practice……. For sale on Vimeo!

If you would like to have the experience of our Soma Yoga class from the comfort of your own home then why not try out our special online video through Vimeo.



Schedule Chant and Meditation Now!

In Person Only!

Experience a musical ‘high’ through singing sacred songs in Sanskrit, English or from other cultures opens our heart, and allow us to tune in to the Universal beat. Chanting is a mode of spiritual participation and transformation.

We still the mind by repeating sacred sounds.

Join our instrumental musical circle, follow your bliss, explore your voice, and increase your vibratory level. Bring your friends!

Sundays 6:30-8:30pm

$15 drop-in or Donation. 10 sessions for $100. Any class pass can be used for any of the Lotus Lifestyle classes.



Schedule Dyads Now!

Find your voice of empowerment with a two-person communication technique within a group setting. We clear the mind of current problems or stuck issues. The instruction given to each other is: “Tell me what is occurring for you”.

Online  or In Person

Mondays 6:30-9pm. Join a 40 minute Dyad at 6:30pm, or 7:20pm, or 8:05pm.

We begin by checking in together, you receive your assigned dyad partner with the instructions, we break out into private dyad circles using our own devices, we return after each dyad cycle of 40 minutes to receive your next dyad partner. After three cycles, we share our experince with the zoom group

$15 drop in.  5 sessions for $70.  10 sessions for $100. Any class pass can be used for any of the Lotus Lifestyle classes.



Schedule Meditation and Satsang Now!

Meditation sessions that help with life’s challenges.

In the company of spiritual guide Meranda Squires and others, Meditation and Satsang is a sacred space of empowerment for experienced meditators and those who are meditating for the first time.

Sessions begin with a 45-minute silent meditation moving into Truth Speaks discussions called Satsang. You can ask questions, make comments and meditate with us!

Truth Speaks is a yoga philosophy perspective on everyday topics such as, “how do I handle anxiety at work?”, “how do I handle relationship challenges?”, as well as deeper life questions such as, “what is death?” “what is enlightenment?” and others.

Meditation and Satsang concludes with a 15-minute meditation

In-person and online

Wednesdays 6:30-8:45pm  

Any class pass can be used for any of the Lotus Lifestyle classes.

$15 drop in.  5 sessions for $70.  10 sessions for $100.



Schedule Patanjali Now!

The Science of Yoga is India’s revered scripture of Patanjali, from which the 8 limbs of Yoga has been popularized in all Yoga Teacher Trainings. For yoga students, yoga teachers, meditators and the spiritually inclined.

Study two verses per class with handouts. Special breath exercise. Chanting the Sanskrit sutras. Discussion and meditation.

Transform your thinking. Study the language of the spirit.

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm.  In Person and online.

We begin with a meditation, a pranayama, singing the sutra in sanskrit. Then we study one or two sutras with a discourse, Q & A, discussion and meditation.

$15 drop in.  5 sessions for $70.  10 sessions for $100. Any class pass can be used for any of the Lotus Lifestyle classes.



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