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Blog #1 Relating to you is how I learn about myself! Sept 25, 18

Blog #1 Relating to you is how I learn about myself! Sept 25, 18

My marketing friend told me that I need to engage with you more through email, that perhaps I should tell you more about myself through stories so that you can get to know me. She said I should do this every week. And that it’s not enough nowadays to simply send a list of all my events and activities happening at the Lotus Centre.  My first reaction to these words was, “What? You want me to engage more with invisible people somewhere out there in cyber world? I am already full up with engaging with those who are live in my presence. I don’t have the time for more internet engagement.”  Some of you are already familiar with my resistance to internet, computer and social media.  Perhaps you can relate?


Well, I feel it’s a matter of getting clear on what I want to create for myself. What is that for me? Quality personal time is priority: time for meditation, yoga, daily walks, healthy diet. When that is established daily, my next priority is my relationship with you. Who are YOU? You are a reflection of myself whether you are here in person at the Lotus Centre or in the virtual world. Relationship is how I learn about myself.

I play the teacher role and therapist role for most of my days. But I do have other roles I play: sister, daughter, friend and student.  How do I learn through relating to you? I believe I need to learn to relate to you without my attachment to my roles. Yes, roles are useful mediums for relating but they have a big drawback. We can get attached to the identity of that role. And what did I say I wanted most? I want to know myself thoroughly. The Divine gave us ‘the world’ as a reflection of us for the sake of evolution. What is the purpose of evolution?  “To know oneself.”

My clearest insight this week is that you are myself who loves authentic relationship even if you are ‘out there somewhere”.

So I have decided to ‘up’ my personable relating to you “out there” for the sake of learning more about myself.

Be Aware….  You will be hearing about me more often.And of course, relationship is two ways. I invite you to relate to me, even if you are ‘out there’ and I am “out there”.