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Empowerment Program testimonials


Leslie Lambe  November 11, 2020…

  1. What was your problem before you joined the Empowerment Program?

So many problems! But quickly after only the first workshop, I realized that all of my problems came down to me and what/who I was allowing to influence my life. I was seeking validation from others constantly and did not trust myself. It was difficult to hear my intuition over the voices of my family and friends and everyone I was bringing my pain to trying to find a solution. I learned that I have all the answers and I trust that I am the only person that should be making decisions about my life.

  1. What results do you get from the Empowerment Program? Be specific about one or more workshops.

The Mastering Money course has given me a completely different perspective on money and wealth. The greatest lesson in this course is that my wealth will only grow as much as I grow. If I remain small as a person with negative attitudes and false beliefs about money and my worth then the amount of money I receive will match that. I need to be bigger than my problems- big enough that whatever money comes my way fills me up and matches my worth. I also learned a very effective strategy for categorizing money in order to have enough money for necessities, investments, saving, giving and playing. This visual and act of “filing” my money has given me back my control over my money and has been very empowering.

  1. What kept you from joining Empowerment Program sooner?

I would say intimidation and the money kept me from joining the Empowerment Program sooner. I promised myself that I would pay for the first workshop and if all I managed to do was show up and open my mouth and attempt to speak then I was already winning. And as far as money goes- I blew far more on useless crap trying to make myself feel better in all the wrong ways. This has been an investment in myself and I wish I had started working on it sooner!

  1. What exactly do you like most about the Empowerment Program?

The community. I don’t love small talk and tend to weird my friends out with all the discussions I want to have about life and the universe and why we are who we are and think what we think. It’s such a relief to sit in a space with people who open themselves up and are vulnerable. It’s just constant learning and growing through listening and talking and connecting.

  1. Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

Please just do it. If you’re thinking about it at all then you will still be thinking about it in 6 months or 2 years. I subscribed to the emails from The Lotus Centre about 6-7 years ago and every time I opened the newsletters I was so intrigued by every workshop, but it was never the right time- too busy or nervous. I did not stop reading the emails and considered every workshop and finally 6 years later showed up for myself with two kids under 3, a mortgage and in a pandemic- there is no “busier” time in my life than right now, but this is a priority.

  1. What was your main concern that would have prevented you from investing in Empowerment Program, and what put your fears to rest?

My main concern was being afraid that I would not be able to be open and vulnerable and I would feel too scared to dig in and do the work. My fears were put to rest by just doing it. I read somewhere to feel your fear and do it anyway and I kept repeating this to myself. It was difficult at first and I felt slow to start, but I am committed. Once I realized that I can transform my life there is no turning back, it’s just not possible- get stuck for sure, but never give up. I’m still scared, but I’m trying!!

  1. If you were to recommend Empowerment Program to your best friend, what would you say?

Do it! It may feel scary and difficult and strange, but you owe it to yourself to take a shot at freedom!

  1. What made you choose Empowerment Program over anything else you could have done?

It just felt right. Every time I read a newsletter email from The Lotus Centre it was like I was hearing from a friend (even though I’d never met anyone there). I also preferred somewhere that was a physical space and not just an online program- I need accountability.

  1. What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining Empowerment Program?

My communication has improved so much. I am working on communicating things as they come up for me rather than pushing the feelings down and then having a blow up with my loved ones. My life and relationships have improved so much by just telling people in the moment what I’m thinking and feeling and not keeping my feelings inside and letting them snowball and dramatize to the point that it damages my relationships.

  1. What was life like before you started with Empowerment Program?

Life felt out of my control. It felt like I was being pulled in all kinds of different directions and I couldn’t hear myself over the opinions of others and my own programming. I was feeling like something was missing from my life even though I was truly grateful for everything I had. I didn’t have the most positive relationships because I wasn’t great at communicating and I didn’t have a strong sense of self.

  1. What is life like now that you’ve experienced Empowerment Program?

Now that I have experienced the Empowerment Program I feel more calm. I feel stronger. I feel like I can look within rather than searching for the answers anywhere and everywhere else. I still have a long way to go, but each step forward brings a sense of contentment.

  1. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining Empowerment Program?

I am so happy to have improved my relationship with myself. I feel very confident in my ability to take on problems with a problem solving attitude rather than a victim mentality. I feel secure in my ability to seek help when I’m struggling. I feel so happy to be able to make the most of my time with the people I love because I am not constantly seeking their validation and approval. It has been so freeing.


Kimberly French… Empowerment Program

I was not even sure what I was searching for when I connected with Meranda about the Empowerment program. I just knew I wanted a change in my life and was not certain where to start. Prior to the empowerment program, I completed my yoga teacher training and meditation teacher training at the Lotus Centre with Meranda.

In the empowerment program Meranda partnered with me through the process of creating healthy boundaries, releasing pain and anger from the past, and mastering life’s challenges/problems. In this program Meranda offered a safe place for encouragement and inquiry.

This program was the doorway to healing and living a life of happiness. This program has shaped me into the person I am today, a stronger, better person able to deal with life challenges with strength and integrity. I am now able to live more connected and authentically.

This program taught me invaluable lessons and allowed me to make many transformations which has allowed me to step into my power and elevate me to my highest potential.  I have been empowered to advocate for my self and others, to release the guilt that comes with self-care, and to dare to “play big” and “be seen”. I have been empowered to generate a life for myself that feeds my soul and is aligned with my core values.

After completing this program, my hope is to share my wisdom and teachings with others, to help others heal and offer a path to freedom. I believe every individual should have access to the wonderful teachings of this program.

Sometimes it can be really scary and frantic to let go of sadness, grief, regret, and gloom. These feelings have kept us safe for so long, and it is a risk to let it go and just be who we are . 

Throughout my journey with Meranda I like to describe the process as someone taking off their armour.

For years I woke up every morning and put on my armour , ready to go into battle mode and fight everything that I had to face everyday. Putting on armour is comfortable because we become used to carrying the weight around. However over time it tears at us, our muscles get sore, our bodies hurt and we begin suffer, it gets so heavy to drag that armour around everyday .

Throughout the journey, I have been forced to ask myself the question what if I woke up every morning and didn’t put on the armour and went out in this world just me, as I am?

I mean it seemed rather scary to picture myself without this armour. It seemed rather scary To be vulnerable.

Throughout the journey, I have gained the wisdom and done the inner work to help me remove this armour, the feelings , the anger the resentment, I learned to forgive and stop fighting and putting on armour , but to rather sit back be my vulnerable self.

It’s outside a comfort zone, I asked myself do I know myself without this armour?

It’s normal to feel a risk as we let go of the armour that kept us safe for so long , but you as well as myself deserve to be happy, free, and completely ourselves. Pain leads to bravery.

The false sense of protection I lose by breaking down my armor is far exceeded by the true connections I will gain by being myself. It will be a constant battle, but each small victory will be worth it.

I hope you are brave enough to take off the armour and be YOU too!