Getting the Most from the Mind Clearing Sessions You Receive

There’s a lot you can do to make the Clearing sessions you receive most effective. These are things that naturally start to happen to you as a clients as your level of success in Clearing rises. You can assist this process by proactively cultivating them too:

1. First, find your Clearer. I suggest experimenting with different Clearers until you find one, or more than one, with whom you get good results almost all the time. You want to create the stable point of knowing who to contact for sessions, where you can get right to work and not have to explain your background or find out if you work well together.

2. Get sessions. This may be obvious (for getting the most value from sessions); but it is often overlooked by clients who know they get good value from sessions but just don’t schedule them in. Other things in life just stack up. I suggest you include Clearing sessions in your budget, and book in a Session Intensive or two each year. It enhances your life to know that sessions are coming up on your schedule. Their cumulative value really adds up over time.

If you are running a business, budgeting in Clearing sessions for helping you with your business issues could pay big dividends in your success at work. It’s just a good business decision to try this. Session costs are usually tax­deductible, too.

3. Be responsible in the practical matters surrounding the session. This means arriving on time having had enough sleep and being ready to go for the session; also being neither hungry nor too full with food, and having used the toilet beforehand. It means paying according to how and when your Clearer prefers. It means getting into alignment with whatever groundrules or protocols the Clearer has for giving sessions, such as where to hang your coat, where to park, etc. If your session is a Skype session, it means setting up your end to be as undistracted, private, and as on­purpose as can be.

As a responsible client you would only call to change your session time for a very good reason and at least 24 hours in advance. I also suggest letting go of drinking water or anything in session. It’s OK for the general public to do this; but once you get into going deeper with Clearing, that’s my advice.

4. Come being clear on what you want to work on. I don’t mean what processes you want run on you. The rule in Clearing is that you choose the area you want help with and the Clearer chooses the processes. It’s OK to request a process sometimes but mainly the Clearer wants to know what you want help with.

It even helps the Clearer for you to express what you want help with in advance of the session. Shoot an email over a day or two before: ‘For our session tomorrow I’d like to go over how to best prepare for a business meeting I have coming up,’ or, ‘I’ve just noticed a deep fixed state I dramatize and I’d like to work on it.’

5. Ask your questions. Your Clearer should answer and then you can let go of it.

6. Leverage your Clearing training in positive ways rather than letting it become a problem. You can turn your training into a problem by being over­evaluative of the Clearer from what you have learned in Clearing, by not being open to stylistic differences, and such things. By letting your Clearing training contribute to the sessions, it will.

7. Don’t hold your Clearer to a standard of perfection. Ignore little mistakes or things being done a little differently than you do them. Do expect that basic ethics be followed and that what you are receiving is competent Clearing. But your Clearer is a human too, so allow for this.

8. Be clear about what you are after in terms of modalities and the kind of help you are seeking. Many Clearers offer different modalities. If you want pure Clearing, say so. If you want more processing and less talk, say so. And so on.

9. If you have a problem with the sessions, take it up with your Clearer so it can get resolved. Don’t let stuff stack up.

10. Practice some Self­ Clearing between sessions. (ask for The Sadhana Of Self­ Clearing paper from your Clearer). It is a high level of self­ responsibility to undertake these practices as a regular sadhana.

11. Keep a journal of your session wins and the processes you used. Take brief notes during the session and fuller ones just afterwards. This is the journal of the clearing of your mind in this life. You can also use it to compare your progress with what is discussed in the manual.

12. Do your Action Projects between sessions. In session, only agree to do an Action project that you intend to actually do; then do it.

13. Send a report to your Clearer from time to time if there is a long lull between sessions. It helps. It keeps the flow going and fills in the gaps and keeps you being a team. Clearers naturally take a personal interest in your progress. They are curious about how you are doing and the in­life results of your sessions.

14. Thank your Clearer at the end of sessions. This builds the working relationship between you; and it is always worth giving credit where credit is due in life.

15. Don’t seek to hang out with your Clearer. Let them be your Clearer. Take care of the boundaries in that relationship and it will serve you.

16. Keep making a commitment to self­honesty, a willingness to engage in processing, and to have your life go better. This is a skill that can be cultivated or thwarted. Cultivate it, and the value you get from sessions will keep rising!

All of this helps you be a successful client your Clearer looks forward to working with.