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Freedom From Anxiety

Freedom From Anxiety March 29, 2017


Questioner: How do I deal with my Anxiety? I can’t trust myself anymore to make the right decisions. It feels all my past decisions have gone wrong and I am drained and stuck. I don’t trust others, they’ve let me down. But I also want to trust. I’m afraid of making a choice, it may be the wrong choice, it may be the wrong decision. I feel so much pressure, I’m overwhelmed. When I try, I try hard but if it fails, I fall deep. I’m exhausted. Is there something wrong with me? Where is the joy? Am I deficient?


There is nothing deficient in you. The question is who are you? You are truly whole and perfect. The problem is you don’t know your boundaries, you have not protected your personal boundaries. You don’t trust yourself to take care of your personal boundaries. Due to childhood traumas where others crossed your boundaries, you never got to know where your sacred self lives. They crossed those boundaries and to this day, you cross your own boundaries regularly. You allow others in without you knowing that you are crossing your own boundaries.

You leak your energy with people pleasing. Your ego ideal of being the ‘good’ person sabotages your sacred self’s respect and dignity.

There are 6 basic needs that you must protect under all circumstances that will make up your basic sacred Self. You must protect these 24 hours a day.

  1. Sleep: You need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Don’t kid yourself that you can survive on less. You are stealing from your adrenals to make it through the day.
  2. Exercise: You need to move the body so the channels open up and you feel the flow of energy circulating. This circulating energy supports health in the body, mind and emotions.
  3. Diet: You need nutrition, food packed full of nutrition. Not empty calories, processed dead food. Live, organic power foods. Who eats for you. You decide to eat power foods.
  4. Energy: Your energy needs to be consistent through out the day. Are you choosing to do things that increase and empower your energy? Or allowing people, things and activities to drain your energy?
  5. Time: Do you put aside some time for you? Go for a walk alone. At a party, take time to check in and ask how am I doing? Spend quality time with yourself.
  6. Money: Do you have a savings? Anxiety settles when you know you have taken care of financial needs. You must put aside 10% of your earnings in a piggy bank which you never touch. It is your security blanket.

When you first take care of your personal boundaries and you learn to bark at anyone who unconsciously or deliberately crosses your boundaries, you will begin to feel your fearful child in you start to trust yourself guarding those boundaries. The child will relax inside. Then You will be able to make decisions because you know that whatever you do decide, you will handle it because you know you will protect those boundaries. So you are the big police man guarding and protecting your inner self. You feel confident to do anything from now on. Take care of your boundaries, you’ll become free of anxiety!