#121 Fasting Heals


Question: I have psoriasis plus several other medical issues. It’s getting worse as I get older. I take medication that only seems to calm it a bit but my conditions are getting worse over time. I want my health back. I see you have health still. I’d like to know how you stay healthy.

Answer. As a young yogini, I learned about fasting. I learned that to stay healthy I should fast regularly to purify any toxins that build up in my body. I learned that it is far better to put less in my body than adding anything to it. Less is more. Simple is superior to complicated. The body knows how to heal itself. But if we put unnatural inorganic substances in an organic body, we will have problems. Make sense? When an animal is sick, they fast. Nature knows this simple fact. The body is part of a large organism called nature and it has this intelligence of how to survive on a physical level to live its cycle of life.  It is only us humans that keep making it complicated thinking that if you interrupt it, you can manipulate it to work better. Nature has a natural cause and response mechanism. Yogis learn to listen to the natural cycles and knowledge to operate at optimal levels. One simple lesson is, do not try to manipulate nature rather listen and get indications of how to flow with nature for your optimal survival.

Medications are inorganic. The body now has to deal with this interference along with the original cause for taking the medication. Instead of taking medication, you always have the choice to refrain from taking anything and simply let the body heal using its own abilities to heal.  These days this concept is almost unheard of.  Fasting means refrain from taking in any substances for a few days, a week, sometimes longer. I do a three day fast every two months or so and  a 7 to 10 day fast once a year.  This is a good discipline, to not do what your habits wants you to do. To go against your lower instincts that lead towards addiction. You have to wean yourself off medication in the same way an addict does. And the withdrawal reaction will be just as intense. So you have to come off slowly with guidance from an expert faster with medication knowledge. Go to a natural path doctor.  

Yogis practice not depending on anything physical as a crutch to prop you up. Restraint is the yamas. We practice not doing what we have a bad habit of doing that destroys our self and others. Well depending on medication where the body could do this is a shame and you will become disempowered in this habit. You become dependent on something external to you and now you cannot live without it. That is addiction.

So if you stop your medications outright, you will have a big healing crisis. It is bad enough for a person who hasn’t been on medications with their healing crisis. Put withdrawal from medications on top of that is worse and dangerous.  No one should be on inorganic medication, no one. There is no need for it. If we were allowed, by now ( since early 1900’s when medication became the authoritative way) we could have come up with advanced alternative natural supports for the body’s healing. But instead we just did what the doctors told us to do.

They go against nature’s way. They want you to depend on them. They make money and have the power. Yogis do the opposite.

So my suggestion is decrease your bad eating habits, increase more organic and live foods. Decrease medication with proper guidance and look forward to more health which means more happiness in your life.

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