4 Pillars/Farm COOP

In the video below, Meranda answers: What is the 4 pillars Farm Co-op? What inspires this organization? In what ways does a member benefit? What is expected of a member? What kind of person is suitable for membership? What are some challenges you face as a community?


A grass root collective creating alternative social structure systems to empower individuals in areas of agriculture, education, health and local currency.


To build all season communal green houses and gardens to increase access to high quality and affordable year round food production. To introduce families to alternative education models that support holistic and natural living. To encourage options for integrative health modalities. To develop a stable local currency to exchange goods and services.


1. FARM CO-OP – To build all season communal greenhouses and gardens to increase access to high quality and affordable year-round food production: The greenhouse project is building through group efforts and participation at locations in Newfoundland. Workshops and mentoring are organized to support learning about how to set up and maintain a greenhouse, with a goal to use recycled materials where possible. Workshops include soil and composting, seed harvesting, vermiculture, silviculture, garden beds, cold frames, foraging, tapping maple trees, beekeeping, and any other ideas that may come up along the way. We are looking to expand our greenhouse locations. 


Imagine the feeling of reward and connection you would get from getting your hands in the soil and producing natural, organic and locally grown food! Fostering local sustainability, connection to food and nature, self-sufficiency and community are all things that we aim to accomplish with our year-round greenhouses. You can exchange your time and labour to reap these rewards, or some other form of energy exchange. The food we consume has such an impact on our energy and vitality!

2. CHILDREN’S EDUCATION – To introduce families to alternative education models that support holistic and natural living: Creation of an alternative model of education for children from ages 1 to 17, that incorporates different teaching methodologies borrowed from Waldorf, Shamanic, forest school, nature exploration, home schooling and trades. Children from 1 to 17 age group. This project offers developmental and educational tools in non-traditional environments, particularly in nature and through regular meetings and retreats. We operate on a part time and full time basis, supported by fundraisers, community outreach, and participant commitment to the project.


Imagine your children evolving through a compassionate community, where we cultivate creative free thinking and celebrate it through individual diversity respectively…. Imagine supporting a system that fosters creative exploration for your children, free of outside narratives and influences. We believe our children should have a nurturing environment where they are encouraged to tap into their own intuition and experience all that nature can teach us.

3. ALTERNATIVE HEALTH – To encourage options for integrative health modalities: Building a network of health practitioners offering a more inclusive health care model to supplement the existing health care system. These professional members give workshops and are available on this website and on the LETSBarter Nl website. Massage, homeopathy, herbal practitioners, acupuncture, energy work, chiropractic, nursing, midwifery, naturopaths, osteopaths, etc.


Imagine having access to a wide array of holistic practitioners that empower you to be an active participant in your own healing. We will be regularly hosting events where you, as a co-op member, can come and experience an array of healing practitioners and modalities in a vibrant, high-frequency setting. Modalities will include massage therapy, reiki, other forms of energy healing, spiritual practices such as tarot reading, etc. Come and give your mind, body and spirit a good reset and deepen your understanding of holistic healing. We want to make this accessible for all and will be offering a sliding scale option or an energy exchange option, engaging in a beautiful flow of give and take, as nature intends.

Here is a Holistic Health Community Documentary Film – YouTube, 2020 – 01-08  by Holistic Health Community, Inc that will inspire us to create a Newfoundland version.

4. LOCAL BARTER CURRENCY – To develop a stable local currency to exchange goods and services: An alternative currency system through LETS Barter NL is one way to counter the effects of inflation. Members can access goods and services through an online trade using local currency, and offer their own goods and services to build their “account”. It is a flexible system that can be adjusted based on the needs and offerings of its members, and with good governance, become a stable financial resource. It is a method of building community and making connections on a local level.


Imagine a local currency and system of exchange that is protected from the volatility of modern-day FIAT currency. Imagine having your needs met through exchanges with a like-minded community, where scarcity and lack are not part of the system. We can make this system stronger by increasing the flow of exchange.

There can be another way.

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