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Year 1: Personal Development. 300 hours of 20 workshops and 6 courses

Year 2: Professional Development. Facilitation support and consultation for repeat workshops and own support group niches.


 Training Paths and Schedule

Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey
Master Yourself – Empower Others
Mind Clearing 3 Year training

This Empowerment Program Training is designed for truth seekers to become spiritual masters and group facilitators by further developing their intuitive and practical skills. Social workers, nurses, counsellors, teachers, guides, therapists, healers and anyone in the helping profession may benefit highly from this training. Available online Zoom or in Person.

Why Take the Empowerment Training Program? Learn more here.

The Empowerment Program begins with Personal Development to empower yourself in a personal journey. It is a series of 20 weekend workshops and 6 weekday courses over one to two years. This training may be taken as a one off or more workshops or as part of an ongoing personal development journey.

Each workshop or course is a credit towards becoming a Life Empowerment Facilitator for the Master Yourself – Empower Others Certification Training,  OR towards becoming a Mind Clearer for the Mind Clearing three year professional training.

Year 1:

Personal Development (Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey) 300 + hours

Complete all Empowerment 20 workshops and 6 courses over one – two years to experience your own transformation using these powerful processes. Each workshop and course includes follow up action projects and continuing dyad processes.

Full fee is $5300 for every workshop and course if paid separately.

(If you continue into Year 2 for Professional Development training, you receive a discount for Year 1 for a fee of $3000.)

Year 2: Either….

1. Professional Development (Master Yourself – Empower Others) 300 + hours. $2000 (Scholarships and barter options are available)


2. Mind Clearing 3 Year Training: $2000 per year (Scholarships and barter options are available)

1. Become a Life Empowerment Facilitator. (Master Yourself – Empower Others) Certification training – Receive guidance during your group facilitation in two ways:

First: Recieve guided faciltator training while repeating Year 1 training  program

Second:  Recieve consultations during your own created support group niche areas.

(Niches can be created in any social area such as: in schools, with mothers, students, women’s centre, hospitals, corporate setting, addiction groups, support groups, teachers, staff, artists, and any area where personal and spiritual support is needed.)

2. Become a Mind Clearer. (Mind Clearing 3 Year Training Certification Training) – Train to become a one on one Mind Clearer. Basics of Mind Clearing is the Year 1 of a three Year Training.  $2000 per training year. To become a Mind Clearer, you must complete all personal development 20 workshops and 6 courses before taking the Year 1 Basics of Mind Clearing training. (Scholarships and barter options are available)

Year 1 Empower Yourself and Year 2 Empower Others simultaneously:

If you choose to do both Year 1, (Personal Development) and Year 2, (Life Empowerment Facilitator), trainings simultaneously, then after you have completed one Specific workshop or course, you are eligible to ‘facilitate’ the next same upcoming specific workshop or course under Meranda’s supervision.

Tuition and Certification: 

Year 1 Empower Yourself – A Personal Journey plus Year 2 Master Yourself – Empower Others Is $5000. You will receive a Lotus Centre 600 Plus hour Life Empowerment Facilitator Certificate.

Completing Year 1 of Basics of Mind CLearing, you will receive Lotus Centre Basics of Mind Clearing certificate.

Continuing Education:

After receiving the Year 2 Life Empowerment Facilitator certification, you are encouraged to complete a minimum of 30 hours of three ‘review or new’ empowerment workshops or courses a year (for a 50% discount) with Meranda for Continuing Education certificates. This supports your own personal and professional development.


Workshops and Courses

Winter Spring 2021

Weekend Workshops $175 (Scholarships and barter options are available)

  1. Master Your Problems – January 23 & 24
  2. Family Gatherings – January 30 & 31.
  3. Build Healthy Boundaries – February 6 & 7.
  4. Empower Your Confidence – February 20 & 21.
  5. Digging the Root of Depression Part 1 – February 27 & 28.
  6. Relating to God – March 6 & 7.
  7. Removing Regret – March 20 & 21.
  8. Free Your Past Trauma – March 27 & 28.
  9. Healing the Heart – April 3 & 4.
  10. Releasing an Illness – April 10 & 11.
  11. Freedom From Anxiety Part 1 – April 24 & 25.
  12. Develop Decisive Power – May 1 & 2.
  13. Past Life Clearing – May 8 & 9.

Courses  Online Zoom Weekdays: 9-12noon, 6 sessions:  $300 (Scholarships and barter options are available)

  1. Relationship Course –Tuesdays: Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, Mar 2, 9. 
  2. Time Management – Fridays: Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, Mar 5, 12.
  3. Eliminate False Core Beliefs: Fridays: Apr 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14.
  4. Clearing Business Issues – Tuesdays April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11.


Fall 2020 Empowerment Programs
Zoom Online

Weekends: Saturday’s 9am-12noon, 4-7pm, Sunday’s 9am-1pm    $175

September 26 & 27:  Master your Problems
October 3 & 4: Find your Life Purpose  
October 17 & 18: Build Healthy Boundaries
October 24 & 25: Freedom From Anxiety Part 1
November 7 & 8: Digging the Root of Depression
November 21 & 22: Removing Regret
November 28 & 29: Healing the Heart
December 5 & 6: Develop Decisive Power
December 12 & 13: Inspire Intuition 

Online Zoom Weekdays: 9-12noon, 6 sessions:  $300

Moving Through Grief: Tuesdays 9am -12noon, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10.
Mastering Money and Life: Fridays, 9am-12noon, October 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, 27.


Important note! To qualify to become a therapist in Mind Clearing or in the Empower Others advanced training, you must take all 20 workshops and 6 courses in the Personal Development Empower Yourself programs.


Extra Workshops and Courses to be scheduled for the fall and winter 2021….

Freedom from Anxiety Part 2

Digging the Root of Depression Part 2

Preparing for Life Transitions

UnLock Your Emotions


Life Empowerment Facilitator

Master Yourself / Empower Others
A Professional Journey


Are you at a point in your life whereby you want to assist others with their need to become empowered? Are you feeling disempowered while doing so?

Are you always the one who others come to with their problems? How many times have you told yourself, ” I should do this for a living?”  Learn your own worth. Learn to value yourself.  Become an empowerment facilitator. This Year 2 of the Empowerment training teaches you to regain your power and to guide others.

This training is comprised of individual components which when combined with practicums allow you to empower members of your support group. Take this training at your own pace to enhance your personalized empowerment journey or to become a professional empowerment facilitator.

Become an Empowerment Facilitator by teaching what you’ve learned in Year 1. Share your personal transformation journey through facilitating in your specific niches the course components and workshops you have completed.

Running concurrently with Year one and two, you will learn to facilitate workshops and courses under the guidance of a certified facilitator. You will then go on to teach practicums in your community with confidence.



“Participating in the Empowerment program has given me an awareness of not only who I really am, but also what my true life purpose is. My day- to-day outlook on life has changed and I’ve developed a wonderful appreciation for all the blessings surrounding me. Meranda provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which your spirit can explore and grow. Completing the program has given me an awakening I have been searching for all my life.” NB

Meranda’s vast knowledge on the many different topics covered, her understanding and supportive attitude towards her students and overall positive demeanor  makes learning enjoyable. LBP

“Meranda is a strong leader and deeply knowledgeable of her subject matter. The Empowerment Program is a unique and worthwhile educational and personal growth experience.” JM

When I began I was  a healer and a peer support worker on a volunteer basis. I had my own business but it was growing slowly and lacked direction. This course empowered me to correct my own energy and to see the energy leaks in my life. I gained the tools and the confidence to create an Empowerment Retreat and offer my own services as an Empowerment Coach. I began earning income in my field before the course ended. I have done courses in boundary setting and healthy relationships before with some success. Maranda’s course helped me to clear karmic blocks that I had not previously been able to clear in other programs. SG

“The Empowerment Program has significantly changed the way I see the world around me and inside me.  It has awakened me to how connected I am to everything, in a way that I feel in my heart verses just think.  For the first time in my life I have a true relationship to nature that captures my heart.  Thank you Meranda.” CA

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