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Schedule: May 8 & 9, 2021

Past Life Clearing

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Are you plagued with a fear that you cannot explain? Do you have reoccurring flashbacks that do not make any sense in or to your life? Do you feel there an issue that follows you from a past life that you can not quite explain? Having experiences that you cannot talk to others about?

Our Past Life Clearing workshop helps work out some of the experiences we have but cannot fully explain by getting clear on fixed attitudes and the decisions that led to them as well as unravel the details in order to expose the feelings associated with the fear, feelings, or flashbacks.  This empowers you to take back control of your own life and provides you with the tools to experience and provide past life regression sessions.

$175  for 3 workshops. Saturday 9-12noon, 4-7pm and Sunday 9am-1pm.  Available on line Zoom or in Person