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Blog #  8    My Evolving Relationship to Marketing November 11, 2018

Blog #  8    My Evolving Relationship to Marketing


Every person, situation or object I perceive is a reflection of me. When I struggle or resist something, the reflection is saying, “Hidden inside me is the pearl for your empowerment, joy, and freedom. Come and explore ‘Me’ and you will know more about yourself.”


This is an interesting twist in attraction! I am attracted to that which I resist!

Ok then, I now have decided to explore this thing called ‘marketing’. I resisted marketing because it didn’t seem to be a relationship with real people, where there is a real contact and immediate recognition of the Divine. It seemed to take my time and money with no experience of fulfillment.

I thought marketing is the necessary ‘evil’ to creating my spiritual community. An I also thought marketing was a from of tricking people into buying something they didn’t need, that would distract them from facing themselves.


But this attitude has ‘devalued’ who I am as a contributing member of society. The fact is I have so much to give, so much wisdom to share and I have few unaddressed needs to be fulfilled.


I must acknowledge, “I am a gift to society”. But how will they get to know this in this day and age with our advanced technology? Putting up a poster won’t cut it these days.


I question, “ Is there a spiritual way to market? I am slowly getting the answer after a learning curve of two years in exploring new approaches to marketing. Yes, there is a spiritual way to market.   “People out there” who perhaps could benefit from my services are a reflection of myself as I am a reflection of them. While marketing I am attracting the highest in them to play with the highest in me. They are perfect, whole and complete but may not know that.


So I must find ways to let them know they can live their highest potential while playing with a reflection of themselves. The more time we play with each other, the more we see our own Self clearly. This is the joy. So as I penetrate what I call this ‘evil marketing practice”, I now actually am seeing and experiencing the delight of knowing myself in this reflection!