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Blog # 7 Finding Empowerment in the Face of Doubt November 6, 2018

Blog # 7 Finding Empowerment in the Face of Doubt
November 6, 2018

As a spiritual Teacher, my role is to support, encourage, inspire and awaken my students in the Truth of Who They Are.  I stand in Truth, for Truth, and for the student to experience their Truth. So where could I waver in relationship with a student?
When a student is confronted with fear or their ego is threatened somehow, during the learning process, they will unconsciously project their fear onto me. Because of their inability to see how they created their own obstacle and pain, the natural human tendency is to blame someone outside of them for their pain. So I become the ‘bad guy’ in their eyes. I could doubt myself if I think I did or said something that contributed to their pain.
My EGO tells me that my students should appreciate my efforts to support them and I should not be the ‘bad guy’ rather I should be the ‘nice guy’. Doubt comes when I believe my super EGO attack saying, “You have failed in getting their acknowledgement and appreciation”. If I believe my EGO then I have lost the purpose of being a teacher for them.
If I stand for Truth, I stand to hold up the mirror to my EGO and to mirror the Truth to the student. First  I must stand up to my EGO. “EGO, your agenda is to get appreciation for being the nice guy. Well, I’m sorry, I will not lower to your selfish needs and demands. If I have to be the ‘bad guy’ in their eyes temporarily in order to help my student move toward their Truth, so be it.”
Second, I must stand in Truth firmly with the student. I know that their EGO can run amuck when they are facing a threat of their own EGO death.
Just as the parent with unconditional love for the child in the middle of their tantrum demanding and manipulating the parent to get what it wants, My job is to stand strong in the face of my students ego tantrums and projections yet still be there for them when they pass through their illusions. I am not to take their projection personally or to make a meaning out of it.  I must hold the Truth and not be swayed by ego manipulation, mine or theirs.
The student will become empowered when they discover how their Ego has disempowered them. They need to see the tricks of their own ego that keep them trapped. When they project their suffering onto me or others, their ego is avoiding taking responsibility for their own internal experience. They need to see that they have choice and they are the master of their life experiences. When I stand in my Truth, then this is  the mirror they need that reflects that they are the creator of their experience.
Empowerment comes when I don’t buy their projection of me being the ‘bad guy’ and when I ignore the EGO’s selfish demand for constant appreciation for playing a role created by the EGO.