A special message for the October 2021 COVID 19 Vaccine Passport Mandate.

Dear Lotus Friends,

In acknowledgement of our basic human rights to freedom of choice as stated in the The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The Canadian Bill of Rights, and as a spiritual being and yoga teacher in our society, I want to inform you that I do not consent to the present time mandate of the Vaccine Passport.

This mandate is simply not supporting our human right to choose what we want to put into our bodies. Because it is difficult to understand what exactly is in the vaccine, and the vaccine may not have received sufficient testing on humans for its safety, this should be a fair reason to choose not to take it. And because I advocate natural health and a plant-based diet, the vaccine is clearly not an acceptable choice for me personally.

As you may relate, it is not easy to stand strong in the face of external authority and law. But knowing that this mandate is illegal to our human rights and which also does not offer an acceptable alternative solution, I do not consent to this mandate. It comforts me to know that I am not alone but among many individuals in the world who are not giving in to this social pressure to conform and who are staying in their empowerment. I hope you can do the same when facing such a challenge.

All Lotus activities will continue as normal. You are welcome to participate as usual. But if you feel uncomfortable with my stand, I honour your decision to forego your attendance while I and others in a similar position seek a resolution during this period of the trial of the vaccine passport mandate.

I hope to share with you more lotus activities now and in the future in the space of truth, light and love. You may also continue participating in online classes if in person classes are not a choice for you.

With respect and love, Meranda