#99 Don’t Mix Levels of Consciousness

Q. A friend of mine is a meditator and he says things to me that I find difficult to understand how to do. He says, “You are already free and conscious, so there is nothing to worry about.”  And I ask myself, “If I’m already whole and complete why should I have goals? Why should I make efforts to attain goals if I am already there? Shouldn’t I be happy with what I already have? Why strive for more if I am content?

Answer: This is called mixing levels of consciousness. There is the practical world of cause and effect. You have to earn your freedom because the nature of the relative world is dualistic and thick in unconscious matter. So you have to do things to wake up your energy and conscious bodies.  Telling yourself that you are already One and there is nothing to do, will do nothing for you because you are looking for a shift in consciousness in your present condition.

There is another dimension of Truth that is the field of Oneness. Mixing levels is if you bring words that resonate on the Oneness level to someone who is vibrating on the physical level, you are asking for trouble. It is also called Spiritual bi-passing. You have to earn your level of consciousness. You can’t simply think in words of Oneness and make no efforts. You have to pull your self out of the Tamas and Rajas into Sattwa. Only then can you understand words of Oneness. Until then you must stay in the language of duality and make more efforts with your ego to evolve in to the level of Oneness.

Another problem that arises with mixing levels is we assume a spiritual teacher is always in the state of Oneness and we project onto them divine aspects when really they are in their ego state at that moment. So we put a teacher up on a pedestal and get confused when they say something opposite to what they said an hour ago when they were channeling the Divine.

The best way to handle these spiritual statements is to know you must function on the physical level using the ego to survive and you must do the basic things to stay alive. And you also know there is another state available that is non dualistic. Once you are clear about survival and what to do in life, then you can be open and receive higher words of wisdom. Sometimes just hearing wisdom is enough to clear up the basic survival issues. But more often you need to simply do the ego thing and then see it  from the Vision of Oneness and while you are still acting in this world, you operate as if you are just floating above.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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