#97 I Know that It is All Me

Question. I’ve been meditating for about ten years now and I’ve had some powerful divine experiences. But I am having trouble holding on to those experiences. They seem to come by surprise and I feel gifted but life goes back to normal and I lose them. I want to stay in those states. How do I do this? 

Answer. What is a divine experience? What is the Vision of Oneness? As you meditate You are opening doors to divinity. You have gifted with some powerful experiences that inspire you to practice. Every practice purifies your karmic body of impurities that block the direct divine experience.

But so you want experiences or glimpse of the Divine? Or do you want the permanent state of Oneness?

Now that you have had a direct experience, you know that Divinity exists. YOU know this because you directly experienced it. But you say you lost it. And you want it again. And Divinity didn’t go anywhere, it is always there.  

You now have a memory of that past experience.

You have a memory of it now. Your job now is the practice of knowledge through memory until it awakens again in the present moment. You know it is all You everywhere. Take this Knowledge as  in the form of memory and meditate on the essence of the Divine memory. You are meditating on Divine.

You know through memory until it becomes direct again. 

I know it is all Me. Repeat with confidence and Pure intention. It is all me everywhere. The Divinity you experience is the vastness of Yourself! 

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