#122 Discern Between Natural Karma and Man Made Rules

Question: I get frustrated when the City insists on laws or rules, regulations to renovate my house when it is obvious that their regulations are not in alignment with the real life situation I am dealing with. Their regulations have no heart or human compassion or flexibility. Someone wrote the rules without a broad Inclusive perspective. It seems that people in authority positions seem to want us to disconnect from natural intelligence. I find that if I accept their inhuman regulations, I will lose my natural intelligence. How do I live in this unfair authoritative society while still being True to myself?

Answer: You are bringing up a subject matter that goes very deep with humans. Power and Deceit. You need to develop discernment with what are your God Given Rights and what is a man made rule created from an ego need to control. Authorities can use deceit to gain power over people. You know in your intuitive heart when a rule is not in alignment with a natural law. What is the difference?

A natural law is governed by Karma. As you sow a seed, so shall it reap for you personally. You should only pay for those karmic debts that you created that cause harm to others or heavily cut or prevent enlightened evolution of another.  The higher truth is that when you harm another, you are harming your own self. You should not be forced to pay for something that you did not agree to or cannot see as a natural law, a karma that actually belongs to you. 

When authorities enforce a man made law, this confuses your natural instinct of what is an appropriate karma for you. So you become submissive to authorities, fearful of what they will do to you, and you feel disempowered. They may cut you off or prevent you from getting your needs met, manipulate your understanding of certain English words in their bylaws, they will fool you one way or another through deceit. You feel frustrated because you think they are on your side, but they are behaving as if they are your enemy.  And you feel that you did something wrong. In most cases you didn’t do anything out of true integrity, you just didn’t do it their way. This is man made laws. You must know the difference. You will accept a natural karmic debt because deep down you know there is a good lesson in the karmic effect you are experiencing. But with man made laws, you will only feel resentful. Otherwise you will be confused and think you need to obey every rule all of man kind ever made. How can you use your own intelligence and live life fully when you are being conditioned by every rule authority figures create? You end of being a fearful puppet with low intelligence.  

Another thing that stops you from using your own intelligence is you think you have to be a good citizen and obey rules. This need to be accepted and loved and good is now what is getting in the way of your Power of intelligence. This is used by the authorities to manipulate your guilt conscience into doing what you are told. Your freedoms are being taken away and you are supporting this because you believe that people are good and they will always do good to you. This is a laziness on your side. You want to remain unconscious for some time because you feel it is too big a responsibility to be 100% responsible for all your freedoms. The fact is if you want your freedoms to be respected, you must stand by them at every moment. Be a watchful dog guarding your precious life force. Bark when someone is crossing the boundary line. You have natural rights for freedoms. You must discern when it is time to bark when someone is taking your rights away.  Discern between Natural Karma and manmade rule

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