#119 Being Authentic is the Solution to Addiction

Question:  I have an addiction problem. I want to change my habits and lifestyle. But when I am triggered by a state of overwhelm of many depressing thoughts, I can’t help but reach for the substance I hope will give me immediate relief. My addiction keeps me from addressing my underlying issues and by not addressing my original issues I end up creating more problems for myself and others. It is a lose lose situation. What is the yoga solution to addiction?
Answer: You are addicted because you have either been hurt, abused, ignored, neglected or you are living an inauthentic life where others do not receive you as a pure being.  You aren’t expressing your truth, you feel pressured to behave in ways that are against your nature. We all live against our nature, we live in systems that are not in alignment with our truest nature. Actually, our society is getting worse for everyone and it’s no surprise that most people are falling into addictions. Society is out of alignment with Nature more and more. It takes our power away. We are becoming more disempowered.
Rather each of us should be able to live our life in an empowering way as the Divine has given to us as our birth right. But how can we get and then stay empowered in our Society that is disempowering us because it is going out of natural alignment?
This is where the yoga principles come in to assist you in redirecting your path. The yoga path is the win win path.
The first thing is to acknowledge that you are going in the wrong direction. You may need a big wake up call. Either you lose your health, a life, a job, a family member or something very important to you. You become disillusioned in the way you have been directing your life path.
The second thing is to discern what triggers your mind to spiral downwards. Is it a life situation reoccurring that you feel helpless in over coming? Is it a person, relationship or personal?
The third thing then is to restrain your bad habit of depending on an external substance that deludes you into a quick fix.
The fourth thing is to engage in alternative life supportive activities. This gives you a new life purpose and a reason to keep living in a positive way while you are being challenged by your underlying issues. You will need support in this in your beginning stages of transition.
But the fifth thing is you must change the things in your life that stop you from being Authentic.
Take a good look at each compartment of your life. Where are you forced to be inauthentic? What reasons do you have for maintaining your inauthentic choices? What fears do you face when you try to be authentic? What do you need to do to feel more authentic, to be received as an authentic being  while not feeling guilty or pressured? Decide Authenticity is your new path and that you will do anything to make every part of your life authentic. This is the thing that will heal your disempowerment. And you don’t have to change society. You can change yourself which is far easier to change and empower.
This in turn will inspire others to be more authentic and more empowered. 

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