#118 Practice Attracts the Divine to YOU


Question: I am a spiritual person but I feel lost, depressed that I am not living an authentic life. What am I missing? I think I want a life partner but the last breakup left me feeling very depressed.

Answer: If you are a spiritual person, what do you do to maintain the spiritual connection with the Divine? You are longing for reunion with your Self. But you think it a marriage that will make you feel the connection.  If you don’t shine with your inner light of Divine Connection, how will you attract a life partner?

You must find a way to raise your personal vibrational frequency. How do you do this? You need to practice something that connects you. I suggest you practice meditation. Meditate daily for three months before you decide it doesn’t work. The technique you use is watching your breath, count to ten on the inhale and count to ten of the exhale. After each meditation of 15 to 20 minutes, keep a diary of the thoughts, feelings and insights you had during this time. Writing will develop the external watcher of your thoughts. If you are writing down your thoughts, you have to be able to watch them. Now you are developing an observer who is detached from your thoughts. This detached watcher will soon be able to discern negative thoughts from positive thoughts. Soon you will get empowered, and you will say, I will not feed my negative thoughts. Instead, I will feed the positive thoughts. Slowly you are clearing the clouds away from the sun. You are clearing the sky so you can connect with your Divine Self.

This requires intense desire to feel Self Love. As you meditate and watch, you are raising your vibration. You will feel more connected and happy. Be persistent, make efforts to stay connected. Don’t let your mind convince you or discourage you from doing your daily practice. You will soon see and understand that you must do regular practice to maintain that connection. It is far too painful to feel the separation from your self. Never give up easily thinking, “ Oh something got in the way of what I wanted, so I maybe Divine is telling me to just give up.” That attitude of thinking  is disempowering and will only make you more miserable. The divine is only attracted to your fire, your desire. You must prove to the Divine that you are worthy for that highest connection. Make your temple pure. Get your inner fire burning, Only See purity, live purity and keep company of the pure ones. Call the Divine in with your absolute commitment to Pure Love. You want your lover so bad, you are willing to give up or burn your ego desires for the purity of the Divine marriage!  Your daily practice will attract the Divine to YOU!

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