#117 Fear Means Feeling Small, Love Means Feeling Inclusion

Question: “With Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act, there is a new kind of fear circulating – by design. How can we manage our energies in these turbulent times, and what does it mean spiritually/energetically in a bigger picture context for what’s happening in the world and Canada?”

Answer: Fear, yes. They say it is the opposite to LOVE. Fear and Love are opposites. The Emergencies Act is coming from the dualistic perspective that we are separate from you. You are threatening to US. If LOVE was pervading there would be no need for the Emergencies ACT. There would be communication and connection. If you act from fear, it is because you feel smaller than the other so you are afraid to open up to them. If you act from Love, you know you have the back of the Divine on your side. Your heart is open knowing there is an easy solution to the apparent differences. In LOVE, You know there are no real differences. So you can stand strong in the face of these apparent differences. You will not react to apparent threats.

Acting from fear, you think you need to take action against them for your personal survival.

But the truth is Fear is only a perception. It is made up of the mind’s conclusion of what is seen, heard and felt. In fear, the threat is not real, it is imaginary. The mind takes the information coming in from the senses and the imagination adds erroneous connections, distorting the facts. Mind thinks it all real, it does not question any part of the facts nor the imagination, and then the mind and ego decides there is a threat to me personally. Then you take an action as if to protect yourself. This is all unnecessary if you are in the state of LOVE.

In LOVE, you feel bigger than what your mind is telling you. So you are big, in harmony with the Divine’s plan. This feeling big, expanded and supported is what we all want to experience.

Acting from Fear is the prerequisite for unnecessary destruction.

But I will say something from another perspective of why this is happening. Those of us who are still under the fear spell,  “they have the power to hurt us.” On one level, our soul is attracting a strong apparent threat to shake us in our boots. This fear shaking causes the energy to rise and move around to disturb our comforts, and preferences. From the soul’s perspective, this is necessary to awaken a deeper consciousness that will start to discern what is real and what is not real.  So apparent threat can be an opportunity to do some inner work. Perhaps to learn how to not believe everything the mind tells us, rather to sink below the surface and enquire for the Truth of a situation and find the Love, connection, healing, togetherness. When we feed Love, we feed what our soul knows is the Truth.

All of this is only leading to Truth and LOVE, we just have to individually work our way into directly experiencing it.

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