#116 You are the Goose, Not the Eggs!


Question: I’m experiencing a period of financial loss these days. Because everything in the world seems so uncertain, I wonder if my source of income will change. Everything is going topsy turvy. My anxiety is up because my income is unstable and my expenses are increasing. How do I change this?

Answer: Remember that you are the Unchanging Reality. Focus on the expansion not the details. Feel light, vibrant and fulfilled. Conjure up the sensation that you want to experience. Don’t focus on the results of your actions, counting assessing your products. Rather stay in the expanded feeling that you are the Creator. As the Creator of your wealth you always have the power to create any means of providing a creation.

When you focus on the outcome, your senses keep you limited an stuck believing your product is who you are. No, this is not true.

You are the Goose that can produce the golden eggs. Remember that you are the Power, not the product.

The product is governed by external circumstances within the changing Reality. You are Unchanging. Keep your head high, use your focusing power to experience and see abundance, fulfillment, happiness. This state will affect the changing phenomena. You will attract different circumstances. Why? Because when your attention stays expanded, like attracts like. The subtle directs the physical, molds and pulls on the physical.

The Source is never affected by its manifestation. You must be the Golden Goose knowing that you can produce at any time.

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