#115 The Alternative is Freedom!


Q. I hear you are starting a self-sustainable community with farm co-ops, home steading education, natural health care system, grassroots businesses and a local barter system.  I agree we need some better alternative to what we now have. It seems the centralized systems are breaking down now and cannot handle the needs of our society. What will work about your sustainable community?

Answer: The sustainable community will only begin to work when you directly experience the breaking down of the centralized systems you are depending on. You won’t transition to another way of life unless you experience pain, struggle, boundaries violated, and rights taken away. Because we are comfort creatures, we stay stuck in less than optimal living conditions, give up our power by following external laws and orders that prevent us from listening to inner guidance. This makes us lazy and unconscious in our innate thriving ability. The hope for security and comfort is our downfall.

With the fire of discomfort and a distrust in the old systems, a new creative energy or fire arises that empowers us from within to face the challenges of systems breaking down in order to be divinely guided to create a more authentic, grass roots, organic connection with our Source.

When we start turning our nose to our Source, we get the power to evolve and create alternatives. We will feel this fire inside build up and we will want to explore a new way of thinking, a new way of living , a new way of building a lifestyle , habits and practices that can sustain us, make us happy from within. That power is always there, but we have to let go of our parents, our government, our authorities and cannot support us any longer. We birdies must now use our wings!

We can become a farmer, a private school teacher, a natural health provider, a business owner, a community member, we can trade our goods and services locally, support our neighbors, survive on what we share amongst ourselves.

Imagine we had a natural disaster and wiped out everything we depended on. Our choice is to die or become creative. We would look in our immediate surroundings and see how we can use what is available to sustain our life. Isn’t this a great sense of freedom?  We can now access our own power, make our own decisions, follow our own rhythms, make friends with our neighbors, offer our gifts, talents and skills to help others. We can contribute, feel supported, and use our interconnectedness to thrive.

But if you cannot connect with your Source of power, you will not survive in an alternative self-sustainable lifestyle community. You will need to know how to connect and be empowered from within. So this self-sustainable community will work only if we have self-empowered members. Those that recognize this need to be self-empowered will feel this Freedom.

We are in this together. An alternative self-sustainable local community is our Freedom!

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