#113 Become a Farmers Co-op Member


Q. Food, survival and basics are now a threat to us for this winter. When people feel survival threats, they can get violent and greedy and selfish. Our social structure can lose its balance. What is your yoga perspective on how to handle basic survival needs during challenging times?

A. I believe in community. Remember that community is the relative or external version of our Spiritual Oneness. If we can work together, use our skills and resources as free individuals and share and experience who we are with each other, then we are practicing Yoga, Oneness. It is called Karma Yoga. We learn to see EGO in action and let it go. Working together teaches us something about ourself and the other who is a reflection of ourself.

Yes Now is a great time to practice what we all inherently know is the best way to survive. Work and support each other as a big family or community. No one can survive alone.

Food. We live in a cold climate and on an Island. We need each other to grow our food, to build our year round greenhouse, develop our compost, organize teams for labour and so on. But we can honour and love each other when we invest in a project that we have chosen to work on.

Instead of fighting for scraps that fall from above from the large but disintegrating central governing system, we can build our own completely alternative system that is self sufficient, and interdependent that needs our time and labour. But we have to work together.

While working together, we can appreciate the earth, how she provides life for us, it’s fun, creative, refreshing. It provides the excuse to get away from the computer screen, and refocus on the things that are real with our physical body, hands, heart, lungs. 

We are now starting up mini Farmers COOP Community gardens all over. If you are interested, join us.

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