#111 Ego Borrows Its Power From Pure Consciousness!


Question: I am informed that there is a group of powerfully wealthy elite people designing a plan to control the population of the world. When I hear this, I feel fearful of our future because I also see the evidence of it panning out now. It feels like a war. If this is what we are facing in the next few years, what should I focus on so I don’t get lost in the negative impact this may have over us?

Answer: You want to know what to focus on while you watch your world fall apart by these powerful elite people.  Ok. First let’s clarify what is truly going on  from the yoga perspective. There appears to be two forces: Matter and Pure Consciousness. Actually, there is only one force called Pure Consciousness.

Here on earth in a physical body in a material world, we identify as a separate entity – the ego. There are two distinct parts to the ego: Pure Consciousness and insentient matter.

Pure Consciousness says: I am Conscious. Matter says: I am body. When these two very distinct realities come together, it says: I am a conscious body. This is EGO. Ego borrows a body and it borrows the power and light of Pure Consciousness.

Looking at the world, we see EGO playing out its false status by these Elite powerful people using their ego to try to control the world. It is showing up as assuming power over others. They try to grab in greed and protect and hide themselves. You can almost see their EGO’s gloat in their power!

But remember, EGO does not have a reality. It is fake, it is propped up. It is the mixture of two distinct realities which makes it fragile because as it got created, it will dissolve. Ego borrows its power of life from Pure Consciousness. Any power appearing from EGO will inevitably get disempowered especially when it forces its borrowed power beyond the Truth of itself. The Truth is that EGO has no power of its own without the light and power of Pure Consciousness. When you die, these two realities separate, and you fly away with the One True Reality Pure Consciousness.

Your focus should be on Pure Consciousness because that is all that is happening.

 So you see Ego in these elite people trying to destroy the population. Ego will push all boundaries and the boundaries of others because it knows it is fake, fragile, powerless. So it makes a big noise to hide its fragility. While they push their boundaries and others boundaries, you must focus on that which is the only one Truth, Pure Consciousness. Focusing on PC will make you unaffected by the games of the false ego. When you believe the ego’s bluff’s, you fall to that level and fear will be your experience. So you must focus on the True Reality and be unaffected.  Focus on your source, essence, the Pure Consciousness.

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