#108 Be Aware of the Space Between the Thoughts


Question: I am very overwhelmed with media propaganda, and I‘m just trying to live my life with family, work and school. I have a lot of Anxiety and fear and I sense something is not right with the world. How can I reduce my fear and anxiety with all these future concerns and social changes?

Answer: Meditate, Meditate, meditate! Even if you are experiencing a world war, you must meditate. Anything can affect you from the outside, but you must not allow those things to upset you on the inside. You must place your attention on the big picture which is your liberation from the appearance that everything you see, hear, touch and think is real. Life appears in scenes of experiences. Your ego concludes that it is all about You. External changes threaten your secure position that your ego worked hard to maintain, and your mind gets triggered, and you begin to over think. Things are changing fast. Your mind gets bogged down and unclear. You feel weakened.

As you Meditate, you must focus on the Space between the thoughts. That space will expand. When you recognize the space as your Self, you should sit inside that space and become familiar with it. This is your safe place, this is your mommy. This is the part of yourself that you are missing. Thoughts divide and create more division. It is better to not think but enjoy the no object state of consciousness. Thoughts limit and confine the space. Thought content is only a part of the Whole.

Om Poornam adah Pornam idam, Poornat poornam udachatay, Poornasya poornamadaya, Poornama avaavashishyatay. The field of unstruck sound is One , From that sound everything has come , take from the Whole and the Whole remains whole , what you take from the Whole is also Whole.

When you sit in the space, you become like the space with no thing making you feel separate. When an object shows up in the space, you will know that it has the quality of the Whole even though it appears like a part. But this vision can only happen after you cultivate spaciousness.

Otherwise, thoughts are lies because they are showing a part of the Whole. And You do not get to experience the full truth. So it is best to get in to the habit of never believing the mind.  Always question it and wait for a few minutes before you make a decision. It changes all the time.  Truth lies only in the space between the thoughts.

Eventually, you will develop a power that is like Coincidence, Synchronicity. When you need to know something, the answer will show up. Your vibrational level will rise and everything will flow in alignment with you and the Divine.  You will have insights, revelations,  Ah ha moments. This space will guide your life. Your anxiety and fear will get less. You just need to practice appreciating, acknowledging the power behind the space in front of your inner eyes.

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