#107 Do you See the Devil or the Goddess?


Question: I am vaccinated but I feel uncomfortable with the division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. I have two members of my family who don’t want to be vaccinated and each have their reasons. I think they should get on board with the mandate to kill the virus and protect the planet. But they have very strong opposing views. How do I live with this division, it is hurting our family.

Answer: You need to know about this place called Shangri-la. It is a high vibration dimension that only those with the ability to see no evil can live there. Right and wrong keep you in the world of pain and suffering.

You also need to know the big picture from a spiritual perspective. You’ve heard of kundalini, the inherent power sleeping at the base of your spine. When it awakens especially due to your desire to know the Truth, it will manifest as jerks and spontaneous movements as it cleanses all your channels elevating your frequency. If kundalini rises when your body and mind are heavily toxic, these jolts and spontaneous movements may appear destructive at times if you don’t understand it is rising for the sake of doing a big clean up job for you. You will interpret it as a mental illness and seek drugs to sedate it.

This Divine Goddess Kundalini can look like the devil if you see only from your ego and feel it is threatening your personal survival. It will take the face of the devil and make you fearful. It is call the Goddess Kali in India.

The earth is a larger version of our body. Goddess Kundalini is now sweeping the body of the world with the scary face of the virus, vaccines and Governments Mandates. With each sweep, she will press against us to shake us up. She is out to remove our obstacles to Union with Self. Wherever we have fear, aversion, attachment, ego identification and forgetfulness of the True Self, we will be challenged by her.

She is cleansing our obstacles to the vision of Oneness. She is waking us up and giving us another opportunity to wake up with each of her sweeps. “Wake up” means for you to get clear on your boundaries of what is truly supportive to your connection with your Higher Self and what is a violation to your basic boundaries that are there to keep you in connection with your Higher Self.  If you are confused about those boundaries, her wild energy in any of these different scary faces will make you question everything as it arises in front of your present consciousness. It will make you question the virus, the vaccine, the mandates, your family members strong opposition, your own beliefs of right and wrong. She is supposed to do that. That is her job. 

To wake up, you need to question and be open to a truth that will be different to the one you have previously held on to.

Kundalini will clean it all out. But if you resist her, she will look threatening. If you know her to be the divine force in the middle of this great world toxicity, doing a major clean up job, you will enter Shangri La, the place with your high vibration only interacts with other beings of high vibration and you will respect the job she is doing as she helps you strengthen your clarity of your boundaries and learn to say ‘no’ to the powers that want to violate your boundaries.

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