#106 Create the Blue Print of the Vision of Oneness

Question: I ‘ve done some research into many rabbit holes and I’ve learned that there is a blueprint for our future called the New World Order. It covers every area of life which concludes in our loss of individual will. Gradually over years they are systemizing everything by watching our behaviours until we are controlled by their data on us. The new power that replaces Oil power is now Data Power. This Data technology power will control us. And there doesn’t seem to be one culprit for this that we can identify. It appears very bleak because we are consenting to all these stages of the New World Order mandates. We consent to vaccinations, we consent to this stage of losing our individual freedom. Slowly we will be treated as an easily controlled species like the experiments they are dong in China on their own people. The QR code will eventually give them access to control our behaviours so that we conform to them. This feels like a large 3rd world war, the weapons are not bullets and jets, rather fear, guilt, deception and the gradual adaptation to conformity. This is not about taking the vaccine for the virus, that is only the façade. This is about the next step toward taking away our individual will and freedoms. Do you have any wise words to change this grim looking future?

Answer: This view you have given is collected from your research of many minds all over the world for decades . Mind is a powerful instrument that can construe a blueprint. But who decides to follow the blueprint? Now that you saw the New World Order Blueprint you will subconsciously follow it if you do not consciously and actively create your own enlightened version of a blueprint.

Mind is not the Super Power. You are the Super Power that has choice. You fear that Data collection and your willing conformity will take away your individual will and autonomy. You are right on this level of reality if you remain unconscious to the power that sits before the mind’s power.

You think Freedom is the freedom of individual will is the freedom to choose your pleasures, conveniences, having preferences met and having control over your environment. But True freedom lies in the knowledge that you are the power before the Mind. Before the minds that created the New World Order blueprint.

If you are identified as a mind, body and ego, you can be controlled by others and you will want to fight back.

If you raise your vibration by thinking Oneness and doing yoga activities, your mind won’t be thinking or worrying the mind’s that created the New World Order.

Your personal will, energy and Freedom should choose the discipline practices of developing the Vision of Oneness. Invest your energy into creating your blueprint of Vision of Oneness. Meditate, train your preferences towards high vibration food, company, media, exercise and thinking. You cannot be controlled by Mind if your attention is on the Power which created the Mind.  You as Creator, create your own blueprint of the Vision of Oneness. Your future will be True Freedom.

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